Search Preschools in 150 Feet Ring Road, Rajkot

Hello Kids Adarsh Pre School

Chandra Park Main Road, 150 Feet Ring Road, Rajkot - 360005, Behind Big Bazar Near Amarnath Temple
3 Star Rating

Smart Junior PreSchool

OM, Block no. F/6 Shiv Park , Street No.1 , Santosh Park Main Road Nr, Nanavati Circle, 150 Feet Ring Rd, Rajkot, Gujarat 360007
3 Star Rating

Innovative Kids Peek-A-Boo Preschool

Sukh Sagar - 9, Inside Madhav Gate, 150 Ft Ring Road. Govardhan Chowk., Rajkot, Gujarat 360004
3 Star Rating

Kids World Pre School & Activity Centre

Amrut Dhara, Om Nagar-A/66, Opp, Dairy, 150ft Ring Road, Rajkot, Gujarat 360004
3 Star Rating

Rosary Primary School

Somnath Plots 1, Near Raiya Telephone Exchange, 150 Ft. Ring Road, Rajkot, Gujarat 360005
3 Star Rating

Happy Lords Pre School

150 Feet Ring Road, Rajkot - 360005, Behind KKV Hall, Near Mangalam Hospital
3 Star Rating

Morning Star Pre School

Near Yash Complex, Opposite Lijjat Papad, 150 Feet Ring Road, Rajkot - 360005, Near Rameshwar Chowkdi
3 Star Rating

Dolls N Dudes International PreSchool

Main Road, 150 Feet Ring Rd, Near Someshvar Chowk, Saurashtra Kala Kendra, Rajkot, Gujarat 360007
3 Star Rating

Smartkidz Play School-MADVDI PLOT

Street No 3 A Corner, Kailash Park Main Road, Street of Palav School, Near Sukh Sagar Society, 150 Ring Road, Mavdi South, Rajkot
3 Star Rating

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will the child need to be toilet-trained before starting pre-school?
Many preschools require children to be toilet-trained before starting, as it's part of the independence they encourage in this age group. However, policies vary by school, so it's best to check with specific preschools for their requirements.

2. What is the preschool age range?
The preschool age range typically includes children from 3 to 5 years old. This range can vary slightly depending on the school's policies and the child's development level.

3. Is pre-nursery and preschool the same?
Pre-nursery and preschool are not exactly the same. Pre-nursery programs are usually aimed at younger children, often from 2 to 3 years old, serving as an introductory phase before preschool, which caters to children from 3 to 5 years old.

4. What is the difference between school and play school?
The main difference lies in their educational focus and age group. Play schools are designed for younger children (usually up to 5 years old) with a focus on learning through play, social skills, and basic education fundamentals. Schools, on the other hand, offer a structured education curriculum for children above 5 years, focusing on academic learning along with personal and social development.

5. Is playschool good for kids?
Yes, playschool is generally good for kids, offering social, emotional, and cognitive development benefits in a structured, playful environment.

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