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Sumeet Rahul Goel Memorial Sr. Sec.School, Kamla Nagar, Agra

icon Block B-3, Kamla Nagar , Agra -282005 (UP)
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About School
Sumeet Rahul Goel Memorial Senior Secondary School is one of the best Preschool in Agra. Parents of this school has Consistently rated good ratings and reviews for this branch. As a preschool in Kamla Nagar, we are proud to be recognized as one of the top preschools in the area. Our commitment to excellence has earned us a reputation as one of the best preschools in Kamla Nagar. We are conveniently located for families in the Kamla Nagar community, making us a top choice for preschools near me. We believe that our school is the perfect fit for your child's education and development. Sumeet Rahul Goel Memorial Senior Secondary School was founded in September, 1991. The school has classes from Pre Nursey to Class XII It has a pre primary wing, a primary wing and a secondary wing. The school has over 2000 students. Late Shri Dharam Pal Goel, one of the leading industrialists was the Founder Chairman of the Sumeet Rahul Goel Memorial Senior Secondary School Agra. He was born on 30th May 1928, in Batala (Punjab). Sumeet Rahul Goel Memorial Senior Secondary School Agra is one of the prestigious schools in Agra, founded as a memorial school in 1991, affiliated to CBSE. Life at Sumeet Rahul centres on a shared commitment to academic excellence, intellectual growth, art, athletics, high standard of ethical awareness, sportsmanship and community service.
Our Mission We believe in the same and we feel proud to provide quality education, by equipping our students with skills, confidence and a positive approach to have an all round development. We endeavour to maximize children’s learning in a way which enables them to achieve high social, personal and academic standards, enjoy learning, adapt to other education systems and develop both national and international perspective and excel in them. Our Vision Our school’s vision is to create and develop wholesome foundation, to build ideal citizens, good human beings through education. To nurture the potentials in our children and help them in becoming self confident, committed and diligent. We also focus on developing the minds and souls of the children towards the path of being committed leaders and humanitarians.
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Principal Message

The age in which we are living is the age where time is fleeting by an amazing speed and it requires immediate decisions and actions. So what we achieve, acquire and accomplish today becomes the testimony of our patience, passion, dedication and diligence. Those who stand strong and committed enjoys the sweet air of success, wins laurels, love, blessings of all. But , Dear children as we know that in this fast changing and challenging world it is not easy to overcome stumbling blocks and receive short way to success. Above these all future planning, career options, pressure of study, terror of examination are enough to make one puzzled and confused. But remember you all have that ability to handle tough situations and complications that comes from inner power and strength of character. We must learn the art of saying no to distractions and science of making maximum use of available resources. This art plus science will wipe away the confusions and doubts and will widen your horizon of knowledge and wisdom.

Mr. Ramanand Chauhan

Principal, Sumeet Rahul Goel Memorial Sr. Sec.School

Programs offered
Pre-primary Level ( Pre-nursery, Nursery & K. G. )

At this stage, the focus is on facilitating development of the student's cognitive and motor skills and on providing the required exposure to children to pursue their natural curiosity and imagination in a stimulating and exciting environment. The core program of studies is enriched with art, dance, music, other interesting scholastic and co-scholastic activities, thereby ensuring experiential learning.

Primary Level ( I To V)

At this level emphasis is on a development based curriculum and students are taught the essential concepts of the subjects. The progress of each student is monitored closely and regular assessments are conducted, the results of which are communicated to the respective parents, thus building a partnership between them and the school.

Middle Level (vi To Viii)

During this three-year period, the student's intellectual, aesthetic, physical and cultural growth and development are intensified. The emphasis is on acquiring in-depth conceptual knowledge. The curriculum is research oriented and based on teamwork vis-a-vis discussions, group project work, discovery and exploration. Personality development is enhanced through various activities designed and conducted for the students. A smooth transition from childhood to adolescence is facilitated by imparting comprehensive value based education. Coping with peer pressure is stressed upon at this stage. Students work in groups and make power point presentations on subject related topics.

School Features
Sick Room
Sick Room

Our school has provision of basic first aid care as well as first aid treatment such as minor cuts, scratches, bruising and for bodily injury. The level of supervision required in the first aid room varies depending on the case. For example, supervision: should be required for a student who has had a blow to the head and is feeling dizzy May not be required for a student with a slight headache, who needs a lie down.

Digital Facilities
Digital Facilities

The entire school is equipped with HD CCTV cameras. Once a child arrives at school, whether they walk, cycle, travel by bus or are dropped off, parents expect their safety to be a priority. CCTV surveillance systems are excellent deterrents against incidents occurring during school hours, whether that is bullying


We have well equipped smart classes with content. It improves the student-teacher interaction and communication. The better visualization and creativity helps our students to link contextual knowledge to practical life. It also enables teachers to instantly assess and evaluate the learning achieved by their students in class with innovative use of technology.

News & Events
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    Rangshila Club “All the world’s a stage, and all men and women merely players.” Rangshila Club was established on 10th April 2017 with the aim to bring out different human expressions and emotions in the students. Educating and the students in the art of acting builds up their self-confidence, imagination, empathy, concentration, communication skills, memory and social awareness. Theatre has an influential factor in many people’s lives. Students are acquainted with various forms of acting on stage. Rangshila Club has staged the following events: Rakshabandhan Dusshera Celebration Diwali Week William Shakespeare’s Birthday The Nativity Play Our Objectives: To let students express their thoughts, emotions freely and develop their creativity. Enhance the student’s personal, social, and emotional development. To create empathy towards human emotions and to exhibit in an appropriate manner
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