Personal Stories : Parents are my first teacher


Richa Oberoi

8 August, 2018


My parents are my first teachers. They brought me up with a lot of love and care. When I had my own baby we did the same and we are proud of our mature and caring son ( he is just 3.8). It was a regular working day. I met my son when he came back from school. He used to leave home at 8.15 am. I used to pack him breakfast still knowing that he will get his meal from school too. His day was packed to capacity as per his age and yet when he came home he had time for his passion...cycling. That day too when he reached home, he went straight towards his bicycle. As I made a milkshake for both of us, he was playing with his toys. We sat down a bit with our milk mugs and we began speaking. He was concerned about me because I had to get up early to prepare food for him. I assured him that I was perfectly fine with it. Then he said that I should rest and keep some time aside for my hobby and take care of my health. He patiently explained how I should plan my day ( in his own cute way), cleared all my inhibitions and introduced me to various options. When I am sad he cheers me with his pamperings and he has become a one point solution to all my problems. But this teacher is different. He wants me to deal with my problems first, guides me, cheers me when I falter and teaches me that it's ok to fail but it's not ok to accept defeat. He always says "Mumma koi baat nahi , hum fir se try kar lenge ".He has shown me newer ways to lead a happy life. I share a beautiful relationship with him. He is my most special teacher and my most treasured person. I love his maturity and understanding of life and I am proud to have a son like him. Thank you to my new Guru, my dearest son, I will need you all my life. Love u son. Love this mother-son bond.

#mother-baby bond

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