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Rhythm Play School, Sector 50, Noida

icon D 196/1, Sec 51, Near Manav Rachna, Sector 51, Noida, Uttar Pradesh
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“Let us liberate ourselves from any form of control. Let us focus on the inner drum, where the Rhythm aligns with that of our heart. The measure of responsibility equals the need for evolution. Just listen, the inner child, let it whisper in your ear”- Grigoris Deoudis. Established more than a decade ago, Rhythm Play School is one of the Best Play Schools in Noida. Situated in Sector 51, Noida, at Rhythm, we parent our kids to enjoy themselves and be themselves. We believe in providing the best child care facilities and a home away from home surroundings to our children. Being amongst the Leading Play Schools in Noida, we pride on providing our young children, the playground to be able to express themselves and find their unique talent in a warm, conducive, healthy and natural environment.
OUR APPROACH: Being amongst the Oldest and the Best Play Schools in Noida, our Curriculum has been the highlight of our Early Childhood Program. Our pedagogy is a blend of Montessori and Playway Method. We understand that early education is the most crucial part of the child’s development. First six years, the brain development is at the fastest pace & if monitored and coached well, will further decide the productivity and creativity of the child. As one of the Best Pre Schools in Noida, we take it as our responsibility to ensure that our methodology is such which combines the vivid modules of social, linguistic, play and learn, logic and problem solving, motor and behavioural skills. SA RE GA MA OF RHYTHM- At Rhythm, we believe in focusing on the following 4 Pillars of the well-being of the child. Emotional Well Being of the Child, Physical Well Being of the Child, Mental Well Being of the Child, Moral Well Being of the Child. Not only is it important to understand in theory, the multiple dimensions of how children grow, but it's also important to execute against such principles. Over the past decade, our experience in ensuring all-round development of the child - has led our parents to push us, to being one of the Top Preschools in Noida.
Rhythm Play School is one of the Best Play Schools in Sector 51 Noida. Providing Top Notch Early Childhood Education to toddlers for over a decade, Rhythm Play School has been voted as the Top Play School in Noida by Education World. Rhythm ranks very highly amongst the parents in Noida, which have consistently rated our services as the best in the business. DISCIPLINE - Good discipline is more than laying down the law. It is liking children and letting them see that they are liked. It is caring enough about them to provide good, clear rules for their protection and well-being. And since our children mimic us, we create a disciplined and well-organized environment for them. We believe that each child has an individual spirit & potential. Classmates are never compared with each other to praise one at the cost of denigrating the other. Spiritual development is as important as learning the three R’s. Parental involvement is essential. No wonder, our children leave smiling when they graduate to bigger schools. CARE AT RHYTHM - Our primary goal is to surround all children with love and warmth where they feel the school is an extension of their home. We believe in the fact that children are like young plants that need nurturing and guidance, encouraging us to provide an environment that is developmentally-appropriate and responsive to the needs of each child.
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Programs offered
Play Group

Age Group: 18 Months – 2.3 Years Timings: 9 AM- 12 PM To introduce the child to the joys of learning through companionship and recreational activities. To stimulate and satisfy the child’s curiosity and provide opportunity to discover and explore with hands-on material.


Age Group: 2.3 Years – 3.4 Years Timings: 9 AM- 12 PM To use a variety of media to explore their creativity and keep a steady beat and performing together. To inculcate good habits, social manners and etiquettes among children.


Age Group: 3.5 Years onwards Timings: 9 AM- 12 PM To orient the child to develop self-confidence & honesty. To develop a partnership with parents and good relationships with the local community.

School Features
Day Care
Day Care

Age Group: 6 Months to 9 Year Timings: Mon-Fri( 8:30 AM – 7:00 PM), Sat( 8:30 AM – 5 PM)

Toddler Program
Toddler Program

Age Group: 10 months – 1.5 years Timings: Thrice a week for 6 Months

Classes For Differently Abled Duration Varies • On Request Classes For Differently Abled 3- 14 Years Age Group 10 Am- 1:00 Pm (sat & Sun Only)
Classes For Differently Abled Duration Varies • On Request Classes For Differently Abled 3- 14 Years Age Group 10 Am- 1:00 Pm (sat & Sun Only)

OUR EXPERTS MR. DHIRAJ BHASIN Dhiraj Bhasin is a well-known Special Educator Specializing in Autism. He has 18 years of experience in teaching children with Autism, Mental Retardation and Slow Learners. He has developed and used various teaching strategies to make the child comfortable in the group (Classroom Situation) as well as individually. B.Com, B.ED. (SE MR), DSE (ASD), DSE (MR), PGPD (SE MR) Inclusive Education for Special Needs Children(Autism, Down’s Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy and Learning Difficulty etc.) 1. Inclusive school for autism 2. Occupational Therapy 3. Group Therapy 4. School for Cerebral Palsy 5. School for Down’s Syndrome 6. Autism Therapy Centre 7. Sensory Integration Therapy Centre 8. Feeding Therapy 9. Therapeutic Listening 10. Astronaut Training 11. Physiotherapy 12. Speech Therapy 13. ABA Therapy 14. Special Education 15. Language Therapy 16. Behavior Modification

News & Events
  • Rhythm news n events annual day
    ANNUAL SPORTS DAY: RHYTHMITES LEARN, PLAY AND ENJOY Rhythm Play School recognises the importance of sports and physical activity in a child’s life. Sports not just provides a medium for exercise but is also important in the socio-emotional growth of children. Such events help students to explore their hidden interests and talents and teaches them the benefits of goal-setting and practice. #bestplayschoolinnoida #bestdaycareinnoida #rhythmplayschoolnoida #annualsportsmeet
  • rhythm janamashtmi
    Janmashtami Celebration - Rhythm Playschool Noida Krishna Janmashtami is a Hindu festival it's celebrated the birth of Lord Krishna in their school and society.kids are dressed up like Krishna and Radha, Balram, Yashoda take part in the celebration of the religious festival Janmashtami. The day is celebrated with great zeal and devotion. #bestplayschoolinnoida #bestdaycareinnoida #rhythmplayschoolnoida
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