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GD Goenka Global School, Sector 50, Noida

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'She is our own, the darling of our hearts. In the shadows of her trees we meet In the freedom of her open sky, Our dreams are rocked in her arms. Her face is a fresh wonder of love every time we See her For she is our own, the darling of our hearts.' 'She' here is our alma mater, GD Goenka Global School, NOIDA. Nestled in the greens, basking under the refulgent sun, she beckons and beams on one and all to be a part of this unique invigorating educational institute. Welcome to our campus sedately built with airy corridors and hallowed arches reverberating with happy sounds of children and resonating perceptive wisdom. Each child here is treated in a sensitive manner, provided with appropriate developmental programmes to encourage not just learning but also the love of learning. It also provides an environment that is safe, clean and healthy and child oriented. An environment where classrooms are arranged to provide effective learning. Activity areas are designed where children are allowed to explore, experience and succeed. All the subjects and activities possess elements of creativity and educational expressions. We infuse a new life and spirit into each subject and activity through which the development of super human being becomes possible. Our curriculum includes subjects which promote mental and spiritual development motivating children to attain knowledge of the world and their nation creatively with a constructive approach.
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Principal Message

A child is full of wonders. For him there is a lot to explore and a lot more to discover. We as their guardians need to provide them a favourable environment which nurtures their curiosity and creativity. At G.D. Goenka Global School Noida, we work tirelessly to build and strengthen character that will not crumble when tested in the crucible of life, and to develop qualities of good leadership that can be employed in the future for the creation of a superior nation. We believe in nurturing Multiple Intelligences and honing life-skills as our constant endeavour to shape well-rounded personalities. A Goenkan will not only have the essential skills but also the veraciousset of attitudes and principles that will make him a contributing citizen of the international community. We strongly believe that it pays to pursue excellence and to quote Nelson Mandela, "Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." This is in our philosophy at the G.D. Goenka Global School where we attempt to bring about a constructive transformation across the globe by creating minds that are ever-evolving, ever-excelling and ever-righteous. We welcome you all to be partners in this journey of excellence.

Nidhi Sirohi

Principal, GD Goenka Global School

Programs offered

As the child takes his first step into the school, it is important that the experience makes him a lifelong learner. We at G.D.Goenka Global School are sensitive to this fact therefore we ensure the right learning environment for our students. The little ones need to explore the world as well as identify their latent talent and potential. Here is where their Gross Motor and Fine Motor development takes place. They develop their Social, Emotional, Communication and Mathematical Skills. We employ unconventional, yet highly engaging pedagogical methods, to develop our tiny tots into children who have the zeal to learn and discover. A suitably designed child- centered curriculum based on phonetics and multiple intelligences provides the children with a strong foundation of vocabulary and mathematics. The emphasis is on making our children into thinking children who will be the idea creators of tomorrow! We also realise the importance of a strong value system. So our children will be global citizens with strength of character and integrity !

Primary Level

Primary level is where the foundation is laid. It is important for the students to gain sound conceptual knowledge to enable them relate the concept taught to real life. This is done by engaging the students in constructive and multidisciplinary activities. The timetable ensures a right balance of Curricular and Co curricular activities. The key emphasis is on grooming the student into a well-balanced personality with 21st century skills. The subjects taught at this level are English, Hindi, Math, E.V.S & ICT. In addition, the co curricular activities will include visual and performing arts & a scientifically devised sports programme.

Middle Level

This is the stage where the students become more aware of themselves and their environment. It is important that they get more exposure to tap their latent talent and questioning skills. It is here that they understand the importance of academics, talent and career. The School encourages in each student the traits of curiosity, creativity, leadership, flexibility, intellectual risk taking and independence of thought and respect for scholarship. In the information -rich society of today it is important that our students understand the difference between ‘Knowledge’ and ‘Information’. Pursuit of excellence is the key !

School Features
Smart Classroom
Smart Classroom

Technology is an integral part of today's environment. We have been successful in bringing technology to our classrooms with the introduction of interactive Whiteboards or Smart Boards. This helps students get a better understanding of concepts through audio - visual learning. It also gives the students exposure to a variety of resources enabling them into becoming thinking children. Classroom transforms into an interactive forum for sharing experiences among students, thus helping in widening their analytical faculties.

Computer Lab
Computer Lab

Information technology has become integral to every walk of life. With fully equipped computer lab, we expose students easily to computer education. We have qualified teachers for teenagers, the craze of online socializing is at towering heights. It's a 'trend' amongst them. Being social is human nature, but the line of virtual and real life socializing is practically non-existent these days. This is because of easy access to technology of our modern world. We have number of gadgets to access anything on the Internet. But the question is - 'Is Internet a friend or foe?' Well, the answer lies with you only as is ting students to search for information. Create multimedia presentation, execute project work and creatively present the content that they have gathered after comprehensive search from multiple sources.


Information is the heartbeat of meaningful learning in schools. Exponential growth, availability and access to information, particularly electronic information on Internet does not imply learning. At G.D. Goenka, Noida libraries we strive to create a learning environment that empowers students to connect with, engage with and utilize this information in meaningful and purposeful ways. Fundamental to this learning environment is the development of a school wide information service where learners have opportunities to access multiple sources and forms of information and the appropriate technologies to do so. We have developed strong library and information services which are essential to a learning program that values the cognitive, cultural, social, affective, technological and spiritual development of students in a globalized, multicultural and uncertain world. Librarians are actively engaged in the development of curriculum across all learning areas to ensure the integration of information skills, and a carefully planned library program that is implemented collectively and collaboratively.

News & Events
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    6 students won Gold Medal in the National Astronomy and Science Olympiad and English Olympiad Grade 1 and 2 students visited Nehru Planetarium on 26th February 2019 Fitter fly Fitness Assessments in this week i.e. from 22nd April 2019 to 26th April 2019 Parent Orientation Programme The students of Kindergarten Flamingoes graduated to Grade 1, on 15th March 2019. 6 students won Gold Medal in the National Astronomy and Science Olympiad and English Olympiad Parent Orientation Programme
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