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Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Vidya Mandir, Sector 48, Noida

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About School
A good system of education must instill self-esteem and creativity. The methodology of education needs to change to eliminate a lot of unwanted information. Creative methods of teaching will help children build their personalities. Creative sports and ancient techniques such as Avadhan, Meditations, Yoga, and Pranayama will go a long way. Dance and Music should also be introduced. Service is another good part of education. All facets of human life should be attended to and we can start that from a very young age. The key is to harness the ancient and being innovative with the modern. Broaden the Vision and Deepen the Roots
Vision To provide world-class holistic education which will facilitate Cognitive, Physical, Emotional, Social and Spiritual growth by • Providing relevant information at all levels with the use of audio-visual and other sensorial aids • Developing the imagination with emphasis on art, craft, music and creative writing • Providing a solid foundation and ensuring that concepts are so well understood that they can be applied intelligently to other situations • Creating the right attitude among students through integrated value education. Integrity, honesty, responsibility, contentment, respect for all religions and an unswerving commitment to peace and non-violent conflict resolution are some of the values we seek to the foreground to enable our students to see all human beings as essentially one • Providing a student-friendly atmosphere which will free each child of his/her inhibitions and limitations • To make students academically competent by evolving creative teaching methods which will kindle their curiosity and inspire them to become life-long learners • To create in the student’s social awareness and a sense of belongingness by encouraging them to assume leadership and contribute toward uplifting local and world communities • To offer a wide variety of need-based learning programmes, which take into account the aptitude and interests of students • To help students reach their potential by imparting stress management training which includes yoga, breathing exercises, and meditation • To inculcate in the students a deep-rooted respect for the environment and of their responsibility to preserve it • To enable the students to broaden their vision and deepen their roots by enabling them to appreciate the cultural heritage of their own country and honour those of other nations • To enable students to develop confidence in themselves and fearlessly face problems and challenges in life.
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Principal Message

S.S.R.V.M, Noida, is today a glorious institution offering the most innovative curriculum, a conducive environment, the best infrastructure and a very dedicated faculty. Our students grow with an optimum blend of excellence in academics, in person and in human values. They are shining examples of physical strength, mental agility, uncompromisable ethics and an all-encompassing spiritually with a sublime sense of aesthetics. Envisaged with the gracious idea to spread holistic education to the deepest rooted parts of the society. S.S.R.V.M, Noida stands tall and high in the field of education. Our children grow and learn through experiences which lay the foundation of their behaviour that in future drives their ethics. We at S.S.R.V.M not just educate students but also believe in its five aspects. We believe in inculcating lifelong process of imagination which gives wings of information and concepts. This also leads to building attitude like water that can be shaped as per the container. Above all the idea is to liberate the children from the clutches of didactic or mechanical education and to experience freedom in an independent world. Our School provides the scaffolding within which students are given exposure to learning experience in a structured manner to achieve optimal development. Tatvaa, summer workshop, summer camp, summer & winter carnival and Diwali Mela are a part of our endeavour which we organize every year to develop an individual’s intellectual, emotional, Social, physical, Artistic creative and spiritual potentials. Our mission is to strive for holistic and stress-free education and joyful learning

Miss Tanuja Chauhan

Principal, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Vidya Mandir

Programs offered
School Curriculum

i. Scholastic Elementary Education is the basis for the child’s success. At SSRVM, being a CBSE Affiliated school, we believe that children must receive thorough grounding and development of character, which are essential parts of good education. Our curriculum is based on the research-based recommendations of the NCERT and is designed to make learning fun, activity-based and experiential. Students are encouraged to take an active part in the learning process by involving them in various interesting and fun-based activities like class exhibitions, role-plays and demonstrations. They also get many opportunities to work on interesting projects and assignments as part of the academics. ii. Co-Scholastic Keeping in view, the all-round development of our students, they are given a regular practice in martial arts, music, dance, art & craft, yoga and various literary activities by trained instructors. Various class-level competitions are conducted on a regular basis throughout the academic year. To be in touch with our rich and ancient heritage, important festivals like Navratri, Christmas etc are celebrated with great joy. The practice of Sudarshana Kriya, meditation and Gurupuja are the unique aspects of SSRVM. The children have an enriching experience while celebrating events like our National Festivals, Children’s Day, Teachers’ Day, Sports Day and Annual Day.

Joyful Learning:-

Creative Moods Little Chef Magic With Hands Smiley making activity Kitchen & utensils Leaf impression Rabbit, Prince, Princess Crown Making Concept about chef & water Fruits-apple, grapes, Pineapple, Mango Thumb & Palm printing Veggies salad making Vegetables-carrot, pumpkin, radish Tear and Pasting Chatpatta sprout making Different Shapes- Square, triangle, rectangle Spray & Blow painting Fruit salad making Animal- octopus, rat, rabbit, cat, ladybug, tortoise, peacock Bookmark making Different raitas Flower – Roses, Sunflower Scare & Cardmaking on Baisakhi Charanamrit Jewelry box Mukut, bansuri&Krishna crown making on Janmasthami Summer drinks like jaljeera, lemonade, buttermilk, aampaana, panayam& ice tea Tricolor Flag Rakhi making Different snacks Pen Stand Ravana mask making Sandwich making Globe making Kalesh&diya making Chocalateidli making Hut, House Paper rose and Nehru cap making on Chacha’s Nehru B’day Potatoes Peanut chaat Pot Making Toran Making Jam roll Diya making Rangoli making Sandwich biscuit Paperweight Santa clause making with origami & velvet paper Dose butter Reindres, stockings, gift wrapping, bells, making on X’ Mas Coconut ladoo Paint a fall leaf Cake making Magical Learning Garden Wonder All Around Us Gravity Community helper- gardener Things we see during the day and night Sink & Float Gardening tools Kurpi Scissor Pipe, Water can Living & Non-living things. Water Candle What a plant needs to grow Weather / Seasons Volcano Seeds germination Community helpers Osmosis in potatoes Parts of a plant Measure It Big/Small Long/Short Same/Size Milk & Soap Compost & Compost pit Tree of life (collecting things we get from plants like a pencil, rice, wheat, cotton, medicines etc. Balloon inflation Organic gardening Pepper weights/ stone Magnets & Magnetism Salad leaves Paint a fall leaf on a table cloth Pepper & Soap Seasonal Veggies Bird nest & eggs bird feather preening Kaleidoscope Plants with medicinal values (Aloe Vera, Tulsi, Brahmi, Bhrinraj) Fire & Water Balloon Indoor & Outdoor plants Potato & Straw Indoor & Outdoor plants ` Lava in a cup Ornamental plants All uphill Chipko movement Dancing raisins Rain water harvesting Orange & Shape, size, texture of papaya, guava &pomegranate leaves Extraction from cereals Coca & Milk Experiment Oxidation in cut fruit Miscible & immiscible liquids Moong Dal Sprout Making Vocal Music Vocal music classes by highly experienced and renowned Hindustani Classical trainer from the Gwalior and Kiranagharanas.Semiclassical rendering also included.

School Features
Teaching Methodology
Teaching Methodology

Broaden the vision Deepen the Roots!!

Core Values
Core Values

We never Compromise on our values

Computer Lab
Computer Lab

Computer Lab The school has a computer lab that is designed to meet the child’s information technology needs. High-speed broadband connectivity in school campus acts as a teaching tool to enhance children’s learning and as a planning and assessment tool for teachers.

Science Exibition
Science Exibition

Science Exhibition The annual science fair was held on 24th Dec 2016 in which projects based on recycled materials made by our little scientists and environmentalists were displayed and judged by our Chief guest MrsSeemaKhurana, Headmistress of The Khaitan School, Noida.


A well-equipped library with a well-selected collection of books, journals periodicals, reference books, story books encyclopedias for developing reading habits as a fundamental resource for supporting student learning, academic and intellectual development for staff & students.

Saraswati Pooja
Saraswati Pooja

Sarawati& Guru Puja is held every Friday in school for the students and faculty to seek the blessings of the goddess of knowledge, music, art & culture to have a successful academic growth.

News & Events
  • fancy dress competion
    Fancy dress competition by toddlers of nursery
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    Day out at Play Box, Noida Day out at Play Box, Noida The Students of all classes visited Play Box, Noida on 14th & 15th Dec’17 where they defined their own meaning of play in a safe & clean environment to promote social, peer interaction, cognitive development, creativity, and imagination. Students enjoyed puzzle corner, mazes, slides and tunnels, indoor games, J’s interaction (Fox), foot tapping, jam session.
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  • Summer ws
    Summer Workshop Summer Workshop is an opportunity for your kids to be truly useful and nurture their innate compassion for life, Three aspects of a child’s personality should be groomed during the vacation ie Discipline, Enthusiasm, Compassion.
  • diwali mela
    Diwali Mela The Diwali Mela was organized at SSRVM on 14th Oct 2017 with great fun and frolic. The Campus was lightened by diya, candles and religious fervor. The major attractions of the event were Rides for Children, Games, Competition (Diya and Mask Making) Diwali Bazaar, Homemade sweets, Branded food stalls, Diwali gifts, Tattoo art, Handicraft, Magic show , Cultural Performances School Students and Academy of Performing Arts (ALAAP), Tambola, Bumper draw and many more. Added to all the fun and zeal was the social cause, a platform for NGO's and budding entrepreneurs to exhibit their work and product. Our tiny tots of playgroup and pre nursery performed action rhyme on “Aayee Diwali". The toddlers of K.G. gave the beautiful message on "Green Diwali" and ill effects of crackers by their mesmerizing performance. The students performed a Theatrical Skit on our Pious Scripture "Ramayan" which was the main attraction of the programme. Everyone went home carrying the message of love, peace and joy. School Curriculum offers a solid foundation for children’s future growthby shaping their personality in the right direction. The academic curriculum is offered in such a stress free and joyful manner that the child looks forward going to school every day. The overall ambience of SSRVM is a true example of organised, well maintained, cheerful spaces with an element of nurturing and touching every aspect of a holistic, value based education system The school is equipped with: • Innovative educational equipment and toys, day care facilities. • Specialized and Innovative classroom programs for Toddlers.
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