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Stimulus School, Sector 39, Noida

icon B-72/A, Sector 39, Nearest Metro Station Golf Course, Noida, Uttar Pradesh
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We believe that careful nurturing of beautiful young minds in a holistic learning environment empowers them to realize their innate potential and contribute to the wellbeing of the society and planet in the future as responsible global citizens.Stimulus, as the name suggests, believes in giving an impetus to the child’s growth by nurturing the child in an amiable learning environment which allows the child to explore and discover his/her potential. Just as the caterpillar comes out of the cocoon and spreads its wings by turning into a beautiful butterfly, we at Stimulus work to provide a foundation of values and knowledge to your children, which will help them spread their wings and soar high.
At Stimulus, all teachers love working with children and are thorough professionals in their fields. With the help of the thoughtful guidance, encouragement and inspiration from the teachers, children learn new skills in a playful way. Teachers at Stimulus School are highly qualified, dedicated professional educators. They care about children, value education, and have concrete knowledge of developmentally appropriate practices and early childhood development. All teachers hold a bachelor’s degree or higher and have a passion for working with young children. The teachers in our School classrooms have three key roles they will move artfully between that is they are good facilitators, observers and instructors.
Stimulus over the past decade has emerged as the leading brand in Early Childhood Education in Noida. Stimulus Preschool has been consistently rated as the Best Preschool in Noida. We provide class-leading facilities and importantly a top-notch environment for children to learn and grow. The sprawling campus is a safe learning environment for the little ones and the campus is guarded with 24x7 security detail. Apart from ensuring a good and safe transportation for the children, we have installed CCTV cameras in every part of the school. The school has the best facilities for child development and also has a fully developed and integrated day care facility for working parents. We celebrate fun activities with children all year round and we also celebrate festivals and birthdays with vigor. Picnics and trips are organized yearly. Different activities are conducted on a daily basis. Annual day is a culmination and a highlight of Stimulus wherein all children get to showcase their abilities. Stimulus children love their school and refuse to go home at the end of the day.
As Parents, we want the best education for our children. We've been consistently rated amongst the Top Preschools in Noida for our dedicated approach to give children a strong foundation while they cacoon into an independent child. Stimulus strives to be a one-stop destination for all of our parent's requirements to their child's education. Just as the caterpillar comes out of the cocoon and spreads its wings into a beautiful butterfly, we, at Stimulus, work to provide a foundation of strong values and knowledge to your children, which will help them spread their wings and soar high. Stimulus provides a wonderful learning environment and a great sense of openness. This includes our vast indoor space with large bright classrooms and an equal of about 7000 sq. ft of outdoor open spaces, where our children will be free to explore, discover, and learn while honing their physical and mental abilities and developing their leadership skills. Our school is situated right in the heart of the city and is well connected by metro and public transportation. The school also provides healthy and organic meals daily which are cooked with care in our in-house kitchen. The fruits and vegetable are sustainably procured from our local farm to ensure a balanced and nutritious diet for the children.
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Principal Message

The vision and the driving force behind Stimulus Preschool, is the Director and the Principal of the school, Mrs. Amita Lalit. An illustrious and versatile personality, Mrs. Lalit is a passionate educationist with qualifications in the field of education, science, law and management. She loves to learn new skills and believes that age should never limit an individual’s quest for learning. Inspired by the Montessori teaching methodology, Mrs. Amita Lalit founded the school in 2011 with a vision of nurturing young minds with values, knowledge, skill sets and an independent thought process. For the holistic development of young minds at Stimulus, she incorporated various extracurricular and circle time activities within the Montessori framework of teaching.

Mrs.Amita Lalit

Principal, Stimulus School

Programs offered
Day Care And Activity Center (18 Months And Above)

Duration - 8 :30a.m to 6.30 p.m. THE NEST: Stimulus has a state of the art day care infrastructure and facilities for children of ages 18 months and upwards. The day care is ideal for kids with working parents who want to ensure that their child receives the same love and care outside home. Stimulus has huge space for children to sleep, eat and play indoors as well as outdoors. Hygienic and nutritious freshly cooked meals are served to the kids to take care of their health. The day care also has professionally trained support staff and day care in charge who supervise and support the child in his growth. A properly structured curriculum is part of the day care, wherein a child's physical, mental and emotional needs are catered to within the activity centre having state of the art dance, music, art and craft, karate and skating facilities. Homework is also taken care of within the day care to reduce the working parents’ burden. Under the loving care and guidance provided by the trained staff at Stimulus, the day care is a home away from home.

Playgroup - Kindergarten (18 Months - 5 Years)

Children love exploring the world around them. Their hemisphere needs to expand from their home to an atmosphere where they get to mingle with children of their own age. Maximum brain development happens at this age. The initiation of the child from home to school is through the playgroup. The objective of our preschool program is to help in the child’s development by teaching new social skills and help in their gross and fine motor skills. In the teachers facilitate learning through Play way and Montessori style of education, enabling a child to learn and grow in a playful environment. The daily schedule balances time inside and outside the classroom as well as experiences in our speciality areas. Kindergarten offers hands-on experience to a child in all aspects of social, emotional, physical and cognitive development.

Connekt (2 Years To 6 Years)

(An inclusive learning program for special kids) Each child is special and so are his needs. At Stimulus, we understand the importance of early intervention when children are faced with childhood developmental difficulties. We also believe in providing equal learning opportunity to children having learning disabilities due to premature birth, autism or cerebral palsy. We follow an approach wherein special children are integrated within regular classrooms and given special attention, love and guidance through all activities. The classroom has special educators that would be provided at the preschool level so that such children do not face too many problems when they enter the mainstream schools.

School Features
Sprawling Campus
Sprawling Campus

Air conditioned classes and bright and huge green outdoors with bright, airy and clean classrooms.


CCTV in all classes and washrooms. 24x7 security detail outside the school.


A fully developed day care for children with working parents from 8.30 am to 7 pm with educated day care in-charges and support staff. It is a home away from home.

News & Events
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    Visit To Firestation The intent behind visiting the Firestation, for preschool children will be to understand the basic operations of the fire station and learn that a fire station is a place where firefighters work. They also learnt about the fire trucks, ambulances and other emergency vehicles and equipment. Children were elated to see a firefighter in his full gear (including the helmet and resp #Stimulus#FirstBigStep#preschool#Stimulussector39noida#Noida#Stimulus#Stimulussector39noida#Noida#PlayschoolsinNoida#Preschoolsinsector39noida#Bestpreschoolinsector39noida#Bestplayschoolinsector39noida#Toppreschoolinsector39noida#Earlychildhoodeducation#Earlylearning#Sector39#Noida#Funlearning#Education#Infants#Daycare#ToddlerClasses#KidsClasses#Daycare#Sensorylearning#Physicalactivity#Grossmotorskills
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    Stimulus is always in the news for good causes 1. In 2012 the famous superstar-Salman Khan visited our school. On this occasion, we organized a painting competition for the children and Salman Bhai, as he is fondly called, selected a few paintings for his “Being Human” program. The school was widely covered in media and news outlets. 2. We visited the Rashtrapati Bhavan along with the children and met former President of India, Pranab Mukherjee on Children’s day. Later on another occasion, we also went to greet him and met him in his office. Later, in 2017, we had the fortune to be called by the current President of India, Mr.Kovind and celebrated Children’s day with him. 4. Stimulus Preschool was awarded the Best Preschool Award by Education Today and best in safety and good infrastructure by Education World. #Stimulus School#FirstBigStep #preschool#Stimulus SchoolSector39Noida#Noida#Stimulus#Stimulus SchoolSector39Noida#Sector39Noida#PlayschoolsinSector39Noida#PreschoolsinSector39Noida#BestpreschoolinSector39Noida#BestplayschoolinSector39Noida#ToppreschoolinSector39Noida#Earlychildhoodeducation#Earlylearning#Sector39#Noida#Funlearning#Education#Infants#Daycare#ToddlerClasses#KidsClasses#Daycare#Sensorylearning#Physicalactivity#Grossmotorskills#BestSchoolAward#BestpreschoolAwardbyEducationtoday#
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    Summer Camp Summer Camp at Stimulus filled with Fun and Engaging Activities #Stimulusschool#FirstBigStep#preschool#Stimulusschoolsector39Noida#Noida#StimulusschoolSector39#StimulusschoolSector39Noida#Sector39Noida#PlayschoolsinSector39Noida#PreschoolsinSector39Noida#BestpreschoolinSector39Noida#BestplayschoolinSector39Noida#ToppreschoolinSector39Noida#Earlychildhoodeducation#Earlylearning#Sector-39Noida#Noida#Funlearning#Education#Infants#Daycare#ToddlerClasses#KidsClasses#Daycare#Sensorylearning#Physicalactivity#Summercamp#Fun#EngangingActivities
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