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Maple Bear Noida Sector 122, Sector 122, Noida

icon PKA-14, Adjacent Arti Hospital, Noida sector 122.
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We are proud of Canada's track record of excellence in education, and we want to bring the very best of Canadian early childhood and elementary school practices and programs to India. Our goal is to establish Maple Bear Canadian preschools and elementary schools throughout India. There are currently 100 Maple Bear Schools in India and we are steadily expanding. Our focus is on building quality schools that will withstand the test of time. We provide extensive training for teachers and for schools to ensure quality standards are met with. All our schools undergo an annual review to substantiate that these standards are being maintained. We continuously seek to upgrade and adapt our programs to provide the best possible education to our students. Maple Bear in India is a joint venture between Maple Bear Global Schools Ltd, Canada and Modi Edutech (Modi group). Maple Bear™ - Global Presence The Maple Bear Education System was developed for Maple Bear Global Schools with the purpose of bringing Canadian early learning programs to children around the world. The programswere designed by Canadian experts, and are being regularly upgraded to ensure that the Maple Bear Education Systemreflects the very best in early childhood education. At Maple BearTM we believe that there is nothing more important than our children.
Maple Bear™ - Regional Presence Maple Bear™ in India is part of the Modi group. The group, which shares the vision of its founder Mr. Rai Bahadur Gujarmal Modi, has always believed that education is significant and integral to India’s development. In the 80 years of its existence, the Modi group has promoted several educational institutions including playschools, schools from Kindergarten,to standard XII, post secondary and vocational education centres. Maple Bear™ - Offers A complete Technical Know - How: from setting up a Maple Bear school to operating and financial related aspects. Maple Bear™ also provides Academic Know - How, that is to say, a comprehensive day to day and minute to minute prescribed curriculum with very clear learning outcomes. We are both your Academic and Business Advisors. Teacher Training: Maple Bear, on a continuous basis, works with their teachers towards the implementation of the Maple Bear™ curriculum. It provides a platform for teachers to work for their own growth on the latest teaching strategies and techniques in early childhood education, both from local and international experts.
The Maple Bear™ Education System is an international preschool program offering four structured levels: starting from Toddlers, Nursery to Junior Kindergarten and Senior Kindergarten. Maple Bear, Bear Care services are offered under our Education System. Maple Bear’s Education System further offers 12 unique enhanced programs such as English Language programs, (Basic, Intermediate and Advanced), Moms and Tots program, Supplement weekend program with a strong emphasis on English language, science and maths, as well as thematic Summer Camps and much more.
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Programs offered
Toddler (18 Months To 30 Months)*

In the toddler years, children begin to experiment on a more advanced level than at the infant stage. Their range of motor skills increases, and they begin to progress to a higher cognitive level. Toddlers learn with their entire bodies- they move about constantly, touching everything, experiencing all things, and solving problems on a physical level. Their language skills, in this period of time, are rapidly developing. The “job” of a toddler is to develop his/her self-help skills while pushing for separateness and independence. As a result, toddlers are constantly testing limits.

Nursery (30 Months To 42 Months)*

Our nursery program provides a rich classroom environment where children are encouraged to explore and are challenged to learn. Your children will make new friends and develop self-confidence as they strengthen their cognitive skills. Observe your child demonstrate new learning and thrive in our stimulating classroom environment- while having fun!

Junior & Senior Kindergarten (42 Months To 66 Months)*

Lower Kindergarten or JKG is a critical time for children, as it is here that they begin an adventure of a lifetime of learning. Every day, your child is learning and experiencing more, which is why our program is designed to constantly challenge. Our caring, experienced teachers are dedicated to providing a rich and nurturing environment that will prepare your child for Kindergarten. We promote independence in an organised atmosphere, as it is increasingly important for children to be their own thinkers. We also teach children to work well within a group, through listening, sharing and cooperation.

News & Events
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    Summer Camp @ Maple Bear 122 Noida
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    Summer Camp Activities at Maple Bear Sector 122 Noida
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