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Kidzee Sector 122 Noida, Sector 122, Noida

icon PKB 69, Sector 122, Behind CNG Pump, Noida, Uttar Pradesh
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In our decade-long legacy of nurturing the unique potential of every child, we have shaped, in metros and suburbs alike, a new cult of schooling for toddlers. On this revolutionary journey, we evidenced and impacted the much-needed shift from 'teachers' quieting an assembly line of children to enablers shaping children into smart-thinking, dynamic, and ready-for-life individuals.With years of dedicated research, Kidzee has set unparalleled standards in the CDE (Child Development & Education) space. Having acknowledged the uniqueness of each child and their infinite potential. Kidzee has is its proprietary pedagogy, 'iLLUME', India's one and only University-verified preschool curriculum.Our goal is to respond to the call of creating the emerging leaders of tomorrow. We are committed to impacting a synergy of skills, knowledge, and values in our children to lend them their inner voice for the 21st century. Kidzee Advantages We envision, nurture, develop, and enable today's children as tomorrow's leaders. The Golden Five-Point Kidzee Edges are: 1. We are the largest preschool chain in Asia. 2. We place the human rights of a child at a premium. 3. We own the University-certified pedagogy, iLLUME. 4. We nurture the unique potential of every child. 5. We follow Multiple Pathways in our interventions.
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Programs offered
Play Group (1. 5 - 2. 5 Years)

Early experiences in the first few years of life are critical for the acquisition of skills as maximum brain development happens during this period. The objective of the program is to train parents to help them foster their child’s development by learning and practicing child development through a scientific approach.

Nursery (2. 5 - 3. 5 Years)

Children start to explore the world around them as soon as they are born. Quality education in the early years of preschool sets a firm foundation in the overall development of a child.nursery curriculum provides a right array of activities to help children move towards achieving their early learning goals. In Nursery, children are engaged in school readiness activities such as reading, writing, counting, number recognition and problem-solving in a fun-filled but purposeful manner. Children are encouraged to corroborate their learning through collaborative activities in the areas of dramatics, science, and arts.

Junior & Senior Kg (3. 5 - 5. 5 Years)

The transition from preschool to primary school is a crucial time of change for both children as well as their parents. At Kidzee, the Kindergarten (K.G.) curriculum ensures a smooth transition to formal schooling with meaningful and progressive learning experiences.Through these activities, children learn the alphabet and letter sounds, numbers and simple math and master early writing skills. Furthermore, each child’s development is measured thrice in a year through well-designed assessment as part of Kidzee’s unique pedagogy ILLUME.

School Features
World Class Curriculum
World Class Curriculum

Kidzee has is its proprietary pedagogy, “iLLUME”, India’s one and only University-verified preschool curriculum. iLLUME kit, which is a part of every Kidzee, is chosen by Kidzee team of experts to ensure that it stimulates all the intelligence of a child and provides her with multiple pathways to enhance learning. The focus is on providing learning aids that help the child to explore and learn in ways that interest her.

Transport Facilities
Transport Facilities

At Kidzee we want your child to safely travel in the cabs to and fro between the school and home. In addition, we provide stress-free pickup notifications for all our children using the school transport. Cab services are available for upto 3-4 km's within the school radius.

Surveillance & Safety
Surveillance & Safety

At Kidzee, we understand that the security of your child is of utmost importance. The In-Out times of the children along with that of the cabs are notified to the parents on the Parent Communication App.

Our Ratings
3 out of 5
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