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Ornella International Preschool, Sector 116, Noida

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ORNELLA is different. It is an enabler, Helping to shape children for the future-into smart, self-motivated and ready for life individuals. It is a stepping stone to put your child on a path of lifelong learning-starting early.We follow the policy of ECM (Each Child Matters) & we recognize that each child is different in the way they study, work, play and interact with each other. It is radically different from the ways in which we grew up.We are committed to quality and value-driven child education along with the complementing attributes of self-reliance, peer interaction and individual growth.At Ornella, we seek to address the power within each and every child by singulary evaluating and evolving them within a conducive environment empowered by educational technology along with mother nature,much needed to enhance their learning experiences, from an early age.
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