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Bachpan Play School (Sec116), Sector 116, Noida

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With Bachpan play school, we have formulated a full-fledged structured educational home which caters to young, innocent & brilliant minds aged between 02 to 05 years for the pedagogy. The most crucial and defining factors of Bachpan concerning the competency among many preschool presenters are: Concept Rooms: Concept rooms at Bachpan like Art & Craft Room, Gym Room, Doll Room, A/V room etc. helps our students to learn different concepts based on activities conducted specifically in these rooms. Prismart: The smart class that is uniquely designed mapping 100% content of the preschool syllabus is based on 3D HD interactive modules to get into the depth of topics covered in the classroom. Speak-O-Book & Pen: It is a set of a pen & books that are uniquely designed to speak. It is an advanced technology developed for making our students self-capable of learning by listening & repeating. These Books are technically printed in a way that the pen along can read the images, lessons, exercises etc. with rhymes & music just by tapping on the book’s pages with the pen.
INFRASTRUCTURE Our Play School is fully equipped with the State-of-Art-Infrastructure world-class pre-primary education. With dedicated art and craft room and audio-visual rooms, we ensure that the children are provided the right environment for them to blossom into the best they can. Thematic Rooms Each and every room is built with a theme and a concept that enables your child to associate with, appreciate and learn from the environment. All classrooms have a specific theme which the children of the respective age group can relate to. The respective ball and doll rooms have been designed to engage them in the best way possible. Ambience All interiors are designed keeping the little ones in mind. Their inquisitive and eager eyes get the feel of things fresh and attractive.
Bachpan Preschool is one of the Best Preschools in Sector 116 Noida. Amongst the Top Preschools in Sector 116 Noida, Bachpan consistently ranks amongst the top preschools. Bachpan…a play school is the flagship brand of S.K.Educations Pvt. Ltd. and we are among the best 5 preschools in India, and within a span of 10 years our network of branches has grown to more than 1000+ schools across the nation and is still growing. We are an ISO 9001:2008 certified company and a provider of education service with nationwide reach. Our Play schools are concerned with the early development of a child and introducing him to structured learning through a systematic and innovative way. Bachpan preschool aims to reach every nook and corner of the country because at Bachpan, we believe that preschool must be accessible and affordable to all sections of the society. LEARNING @ BACHPAN Learning Approach: At our Play schools, a child is introduced to a world where companionship and sharing become a daily routine. This forms the basis of a child's ability to function in a social environment beyond the familiarity of his home and the process of being socially adept gradually gains momentum. The sheer quality of the interaction that the child undergoes is sufficient in guaranteeing that the most critical aspects of growing up like developing an academic aptitude and becoming emotionally mature are taken care of. Soft Skills Training: We lay emphasis when it comes to a student's attitude that is exhibited towards learning something new or when dealing with difficult situations and adapting to diverse situations in general. It is in this regard that rather than insisting upon carrying out repetitive and mundane classroom activities that most preschools tend to do, our teachers have been asked to make sure that the child develops the right propensity to make an individual decision and is prepared for higher education through curiosity and self-acceptance rather than being forced towards it.
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Principal Message

Shweta Singh one of the founder member, a Postgraduate in M.Sc. (Microbiology), with 5 years of experience in Medical Equipment and Pharmaceutical manufacturing. She was formerly involved with many social initiatives involved in teaching. She decided to start her own venture to impart her part of knowledge on to the next generation. ‘’We believe that every child is unique and has a special talent, which is to be found and honoured. We believe play education is every child’s birthright, as it forms strong foundation base, in their formal educational career. Child experts around the globe are of the same opinion and are developing techniques to fine tune this form of education. Our association with Bachpan Play School was based on their years of extensive research around the techniques of foundation schooling.”

Ms. Shweta Singh

Principal, Bachpan Play School (Sec116)

Programs offered
Playgroup ( 1. 5 – 2. 5 Years )

Our concept for a play school syllabus in Playgroup is completely based on several aspects of nurturing early childhood education. Depending on the psychology that differs in every student at Bachpan Play School, we conduct age-appropriate activity-based learning.

Nursery ( 2. 5 - 3. 5 Years )

In the nursery section, we start by creating informal learning experiences that generate a positive foundation for preschool. Songs, chants, and dances reinforce pre-reading skills such as phonetics awareness and letter recognition. The pre-math skills of identifying and repeating patterns or directions as well as working with books like nursery rhymes and poems encourages familiarity with print, letter recognition and the beginning of phonetic awareness.

Lkg & Ukg ( 3. 5 - 5. 5 Years )

This level concentrates on developing further social skills while introducing Kindergarten activities in a fun, exciting and developmentally appropriate way. The lower kindergarten focuses on letter recognition and sounds, handwriting, sight words, reading, readiness, simple math concepts, and exploring the world around us through science, social studies, and technology.This U.K.G. (Upper Kindergarten) program, level organizes developmentally appropriate activities into many lessons and sessions designed to strengthen the children’s self-confidence and self-esteem. We follow a “kinder, gentler” approach for children who need an extra year to grow before entering a full day formal school.

School Features
Top Notch Curriculum
Top Notch Curriculum

At Bachpan Playschool, we use the best practices to give our kids a cutting-edge experience in order for them to stand out when they step foot into formal schools. Depending on the child's caliber we hand-hold the child, from activities to studies and gradually enhance his/her capabilities to make him confident in every aspect of his personality

All Female Staff
All Female Staff

Having an all-female staff ensures a certain level of peace of mind for everyone involved in the preschool. At Bachpan Play School we understand the possible apprehension of our parents, and how disturbing the news of inhumane incidents can be.

Transport Facilities
Transport Facilities

With both the parents working in most scenarios, we understand how important picking up and dropping a child to and fro from the school can be. We have experienced drivers, driving school vans along with which it is strictly ensured that the child is given in safe and recognized hands only.

News & Events
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    Republic Day Continuing to being amongst the Best Preschools in Vaishali, Bachpan Play School is celebrating Independence Day. At such a tender age it's important that we provide a strong foundation on which our children can learn and grow. Republic Day is a national holiday in India. It honours the date on which the Constitution of India came into effect on 26 January 1950 replacing the Government of India Act (1935) as the governing document of India and thus, turning the nation into a newly formed republic.
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Where is the Bachpan Play School (Sec116) located?
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