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EuroKids is a household name when it comes to childcare and early education. At our preschool in Bisrakh, we strive to be one of the top preschools in the area. Our dedicated teaching staff and exceptional educational programs have earned us a reputation as one of the best preschools in Bisrakh. If you are located in the Bisrakh area, you won't have to look far to find a top-quality preschool near you. We invite you to visit our school and see for yourself why we are a top choice for parents in the community.Our preschools have been around for 21+ years, shaping young minds and providing them with mindful learning experiences. Our ‘Child First’ ideology keeps children at the heart of everything we do and enables us to create a vibrant and safe environment for their growth and development. We employ experienced childcare professionals to ensure the well-being of every child.' The Euro Kids Noida is the best Preschool located at Nodia. Parents of this preschool has consistently rated good ratings and reviews for this branch. We launched EuroKids in 2001 & since then have rapidly changed the face of Pre-school education in the country. Our success as one of the leading education service providers raised the expectations of many hopeful parents, who were keen to see their children continue to blossom under our guidance. This success has inspired us to start EuroSchool, which today is a network of 10 K-12 schools across 6 cities. Furthermore, with over 18 awards, we are setting new benchmarks by REINVENTING EDUCATION
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Programs offered
Playgroup (1. 8 To 3 Years)

Our PlayGroup program at EuroKids focuses on fostering individual learning & development through active, hands-on discovery and exploration. We engage children intellectually, emotionally, and socially with a curriculum that is carefully designed for them to pick up foundational skills required for Math, Science, and Language. At EuroKids we offer multi-disciplinary learning to encourage emerging interests; your child will discover new things while developing their individual skills!

Nursery (2. 5 To 4 Years)

Our Nursery program is a unique blend of essential skills like pre-reading, pre-writing, science, and social skills in a logical and natural sequence. This encourages children to learn one step at a time. The program focuses on building language ability, logical reasoning, mathematical skills, and scientific thinking. Each month has its own theme with weekly topics related to the theme along with daily activities that include art, music dramatic play & social interaction.

Eurojunior+eurosenior (3. 5 To 6yrs)

The EuroJunior program emphasizes on each child's potential as they grow at their own pace. It also encourages them to serve and be aware of the environment around them. Stress is laid on activities that promote language development, instilling confidence in the children to vocalize their thoughts and feelings about what they see around themselves. Our Mathematical sessions help develop logical thinking, problem-solving, and critical and creative thinking skills to foster accelerated learning. The EuroSenior program is a way to build on vocabulary and concepts learnt in the EuroJunior program. Children learn how to read and write using new, innovative methods designed especially for their age group. A complex subject like Math is taught using a child-centric and math lab approach that takes into account individual capacities - this enhances their attention span and prepares children for lifelong love for learning and confidently enter first grade.

School Features
Surveillance & Safety
Surveillance & Safety

At Euro Kids, we understand that the security of your child is of utmost importance. Monitor your child through live CCTV feed in addition to which the In-Out times of the children is notified to the parents on the Parent Communication App.

World Class Curriculum
World Class Curriculum

Programs at Euro Kids school is defined by the practical application of sensory-based and self-directed through the conceptual learning. From the beginning, our experienced teachers prepare children to be focused, independent, and innovative learners, as well as responsible, respectful, and mindful individuals.

Nutritious Meals
Nutritious Meals

We at Euro Kids, we understand the nutritional requirements of your child. We provide quality meals through the day ensuring that your child is well fed. Meal Planners are updated monthly.

News & Events
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    “ Brand of the Year ” FRO Awards-West India Edition 2021
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    “ Times Education Icons Awards 2020 ” - Times Education Icons
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