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Happy Hours School, Alpha-II, Greater Noida

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Happy Hours School is one of the best play schools in Alpha 2, Greater Noida. It was started in 1993 at Noida to provide pre-school children a healthy and fun-filled learning experience. Its aim was the all-round development of a child, getting ready to be independent, confidently able to function in the real world. Happy Hours School is a child-friendly, safe, well built, with spacious and airy classrooms. It has well equipped, teaching aids, toys, puzzles, library, audiovisual aids, water pool, play zones, activity rooms and spacious lawn and garden where children can do gardening and can be with nature. Besides this, the school celebrates festivals, picnics and excursions, Mothers day, Grandparents day, Friendship day, Annual day, Sports day, Children's birthday. Children are encouraged to enter competitions. Parents are also active partners, they provide valuable inputs to the school. Orientation programs are held from time to time. They are invited to all functions of the school. AIM The main aim is to give a strong foundation to the children. Play way techniques are implemented to make children understand basic concepts. Various modern teaching aids are also involved in this process. Computer exposure is also given to children so that they are at ease with computers. A friendly and caring staff is always there to help children. BACKGROUND Happy Hours School was started in 1993 with an objective of Pre-School Educations of toddlers. The basic aim was to prepare them for their formal schooling and also give education to needy. The school is managed by Brig BM Memorial Trust under the leadership of Mrs. Amla Lal. TIMINGS The school works from 9 am to 12.15 pm in summers and from 9.15 am to 12.30pm in winters. We are open 5 days a week. ADMISSION The school reserves the right to refuse admission without giving any reason for refusal. REGISTRATION Registration charges have to be paid on demand of prospectus. REPORTS Term reports are issued quarterly which have to be returned to the class teacher with the time period of 2 days and they are not to be filled with. At the end of the session, Report Cards will be handed over to parents to keep a record of their child’s early learning year. Regular PTA’s are held Parents are suggested to attend all PTA’s it will keep them informed about their child’s progress Parents can meet teachers with prior appointment only. Appointments can be taken through the diary. STATIONARY & BOOKS The school has its own set of books and stationary which is added on to from time to time. Children's have only to carry their water bottles which are to be properly labeled. Napkins and Tablemats will be sent on Friday for washing and ironing. The same is to be sent back on Monday. SCHOOL VISIT Parents are not to visit the school during school hours. Early pickup of the child has to be informed by the teacher earlier. However, this has to be discouraged Parents are not allowed inside the classrooms during the school hours. BIRTHDAYS Children’s birthdays are celebrated in the school. Parents have to send birthday cakes and sweets on that day for the whole school. MEALS A dietician recommends a menu for the children. Pure vegetarian and healthy meals are provided to them.The menu of the week is sent to the parents in the child’s diary. Parents are to check the school diary daily. TRANSPORTATION School van will pick up and drop the children and on the main gate of the locality. Full proof arrangements for dropping and picking up the child, are to be made by parents. No change in the bus stop will be made. A teacher is always on the board with the children. MISHAPS Through adequate care is taken, the school is not responsible for any accidents or injury that may occur in or around to premises while on excursions and outings or while traveling to or from the school premises. EXTRACURRICULAR ACTIVITIES Children are taken for various picnics from time to time and various competitions are held in school to encourage the child.All the festivals like Diwali, Christmas, Holi are celebrated to make children feel proud of Indian heritage. Parents are requested to encourage their child’s participation in all the activities of the school. Regular activities are arranged for children from time to time keeping in mind the requirements of the children. Regular on stage activities are conducted where children are to come on stage and sing rhymes, dance etc in front of the whole school. Fancy dress competitions of various themes are also arranged from time to time. PERSONALITY DEVELOPMENT Childhood is the age for fun and learning. Child’s mind is sharpened energy developed and potential fully developed through a variety of purposeful activities. The total program is play oriented. Creativity in a child is encouraged. Activities like painting, rhyming, singing, clay modeling, block building fancy chess etc are being organized in the school from time to time. MEDICAL EXAMINATION An experienced pediatrician visits the school in every term and examine children and writes in the school report about suggestion and profile of the child. Parents are advised to go through the health record of their child. DAY BOARDING FACILITIES A school has day boarding facilities. A comfortable and homely atmosphere is provided in a day care. An affectionate and caring full-time day boarding teacher is present till evening to take care of the children. A healthy meal in provided in day care.
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Principal Message

The school is managed by its founder member Mrs. Amla Lal a trustee of Brig B.M Lal Memorial Trust. Under her able guidance, the school has grown from strength to strength. Her personal attention, innovative learning and teaching methods, help children experience the joy of learning. Ms. Lal specializes in early education and has been in the field of education for many years.

Mrs Amla Lal

Principal, Happy Hours School

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    ANNUAL DAY CELEBRATIONS Annual Day celebration at YMCA auditorium.
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4.8 out of 5
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    Naitik has started his journey with Happy Hours School 2 years back which were his first steps in his educational journey. Here he has learnt many things apart from study which have strengthened his first steps. A friendly environment in the school has helped him bond with other children. The school has provided him a platform where he has done fun activities like colouring, dancing, role play, inculcating fun at study. Besides just learning ABC or 123 as any other school may provide, our child has developed confidence and willingness to learn more. One plus Point regarding Happy Hours school is that it has celebrated all festivals with zeal and invited family members to participate with children in various activities/competitions bringing child close to family and culture.We are very thankful to happy hours school and all teachers who have guided our child in his very first steps and hope your blessings will remain with him, throughout his life ahead. Thank you for giving him his priceless 2 years.
    (4.8 ★) Amit Sharma
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    Happy Hours school has a very good reputation in Greater Noida because of their curriculum and experience in preschool level. I have seen development in many things. It gives proper information of child. I’ll recommend this preschool to others.
    (4.4 ★) Sasmita Samal
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    My child makes good progress at this school thanks to the supportive staff.
    (5 ★) Mugdha Srivastava
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    (5 ★) Pankaj Gupta
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    I am very satisfied with the overall performance of my child Gyan Gautam Kumar. He has been here for 18 months. He has learned a lot as the school staff exposed him to all co-curricular activities ( Stage Performance, Dance, etc ) and learning skills at Happy Hours. The school is great and my child has improved a lot, with their efforts now he is selected to DPS Greater Noida.
    (4.7 ★) Dr Gautam
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    Please try to include every child in activities. Share child development plans with parents also. What are minus points of child and what need to be done by parents as well by school.
    (4 ★) Ankita Swami
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    In comparison with other play schools in my point of view this is one of the best play school
    (4.4 ★) Laxmipriya Jena
  • greenQuotes
    (4.8 ★) Himanchala Rawat
  • greenQuotes
    (5 ★) Mr. Sanjay Kumar
  • greenQuotes
    The Happy Hours school has an excellent atmosphere and an interface environment. The teachers are very co-operative and friendly with the kids.The curriculum was good and the kids learned many things. The best part of the schools is the activities/functions which they conduct every month. The children learn things about culture, festivals, country etc. They also develop stage presence.The one thing that the school can improve is to have a psychologist/counselor to find out children's key skills and develop them so that the parents can focus on that aspect of the child as well.
    (4.9 ★) Aparna Agarkar
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    (5 ★) Bhoomika ...Parents of Aarush thakur
  • greenQuotes
    (5 ★) Monika Bhatwan
  • greenQuotes
    (5 ★) Dr. Shilpi Shukla
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    Happy Hours School has helped my child to seamlessly make the transition into the preschool. During the course of his stay at the school, the staff has also worked a lot on building confidence in my child. We will never forget the happy moments that my child has spent in the school. So many competitions and functions have not only motivated my child but also the parents. We are very satisfied and there’s no doubt that Eshwar’s childhood has become special because of Happy Hours.
    (4.9 ★) K Nagarajan
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    Our association with Happy Hours School dates back to 2005 when as a worried working mom I was looking for a playschool cum day boarding school for my son. As luck would have it, I found Happy Hours and was heartened by their disciplinarian yet compassionate atmosphere. My trust with the school became stronger with each passing day. The credit goes to the principal Mrs. Amla Lal, who single-handedly has managed the school in such a great manner.For my second son, I was pretty sure that for him his first formative years need to be spent in Happy Hours. Because of their well laid out curriculum and perseverance of teachers both my son’s got admitted to DPS.Today on the farewell day of my second son I feel thankful and deeply grateful to Happy Hours Fraternity for giving both my kids the necessary compassion and care. Thanks a lot.
    (4.9 ★) Uma Rajput
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    I choose this school as it was very good. The security and the activity were amazingly good. The way they treat children was good. The care & concern of children by teachers is very good. A lot of changes are seen in my child. First she was shy and modest but now she is much smarter & outspoken. Very good. Yes I’ll recommend it to others.
    (5 ★) Dipika Roy
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    I am very glad to write that the atmosphere of Happy Hours School is calm and energetic for the new petals. The principal and the teachers are like the parents for our children in the school. I used to always be worried about how my ward Yatharth Sharma would stay by himself in the school premises and how the teachers would handle a shy child like him who speaks very little. To my surprise, the school staff tackled these issues in a way such that he never said that he didn’t want to go the school. Eventually, he lost his shyness and started speaking a lot and as time passed he became a naughty boy, who involves all my family around him. I would especially appreciate his class teacher “Nidhi Maam” for developing his taste in co-curricular activities.I give 100% marks to Happy Hours school for their hard work, commitment, and dedication.
    (5 ★) Deepika Sharma
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    Happy Hours school is very good for kids as the staff and teachers are giving their best and putting a lot of efforts for all round development of child.
    (4.2 ★) Geeta sharma
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    best school
    (4.9 ★) Gunjan ...Parents of Ishika Singh
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