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Fun Rangers, Nehru Nagar, Nehru Nagar, Ghaziabad

icon IIIB-49, 201001, Ashok Nagar, Block B, Nehru Nagar III, Nehru Nagar, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh
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About School
Amongst the Top Preschools in Nehru Nagar, Fun Rangers Group of Schools strives to provide Top Notch Quality in Early Childhood Education. It's important to provide children with an environment which is conducive to holistic development. Fun Rangers Group of Schools is the pioneer member of The National Association for the Education of Young Children-NAEYC (Member ID: 000639737I) is a professional membership organization that works to promote high-quality early learning for all young children, birth through age 8, by connecting early childhood practise, policy, and research. The High Scope Curriculum is uniquely designed to provide a rich academic foundation while promoting independence, decision making, cooperation, creativity, and problem-solving in young children. How? The High Scope Curriculum includes learning objectives, effective adult interaction strategies, and assessment measures that help programs ensure a high-quality experience for all learners.
Fun Rangers is amongst the Best Preschools in Nehru Nagar striving to provide the Best Quality Early Childhood Services to parents in the area. We seek to develop the individual strengths of each child and we are committed to preserving each unique personality that can be recognized and valued. Good teachers always inspire children for good habits and manners. We wish to develop young people whose worlds are not centred upon them alone. Commitment and willingness to participate are one of the key features that we focus to develop in children. Fun Rangers Honor the ways that children learn and provide, an environment that fosters their curiosity and efficacy. Our approach is age-specific learning, we focus on the response to the interests, ideas and thought of the child themselves.
At Fun Rangers, we strive to set the benchmark for how the Best Preschools in Nehru Nagar should be like. Amongst the Top Playschools in Nehru Nagar, Fun Rangers as a Brand understand how babies and young children grow, learn and develop rapidly when they receive love and affection, attention, encouragement and mental stimulation. Early Learning The first five years of a child's life are fundamentally important. They are the foundation that shapes children's future health, happiness, growth and development. Academics Our courses and books are designed in such a manner that it includes all the important content, easy language, skills and tasks making sure that child learns by fun. Dancing & Singing Classes Dancing and Singing helps children mature physically, emotionally, socially, and cognitively. Sports Classes We offer a wide range of sports including both indoor and outdoor sports. We make sure that children learn all the rules and expert advice of winning. Medical Check-up Camps A medical check-up is conducted on a quarterly basis in the school premises, ensuring proper health and developments of children.
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Programs offered
Toddler & Learner (1 To 2 Years)

At the age of 2 children begin to develop Independence and it’s the best time to explore their developmental milestones. They begin to experiment and develop self help skills. Which each child have His/her learning pace and a different way to comprehend their surroundings. This level is suitable for children in the age group up to 2.5 years of age. The curriculum and activities are designed to help the child build social, emotional, language , cognitive & physical skills. The parents at this level are equally encouraged to partner with the school to ensure that their ward is driven towards holistic development at the tender age.

Nursery (2. 5 - 3. 5 Years)

We observe & listen to their expressed interests. Children at this age wish to touch, taste, smell hear and test things for themselves. They learn by experiencing and by doing. They are busy developing skills using language, and to gain inner control. We maintain a balance between play & learning, children at the=is age enjoy dramatic play, as their emotions are extreme & short-lived. They need to be express their feelings, with words, and also to share.

Junior & Senior Kg (3. 5 - 5. 5 Years)

Development of reading readiness, writing readiness and pre–number concepts and promotion of knowledge and understanding skills, personal and social skills and values relevant to the age group will be the focus. Competence in talking and listening and in becoming readers and writers in essence (pre-reading and pre-writing skills), with rudiments of communication skills in English, and with a growing vocabulary and increased fluency to express their thoughts and convey the meaning to the listeners

School Features
Technology Aided Learning
Technology Aided Learning

We, at Fun Rangers, provide a carefully planned & structured environment in which the child grows and learns in a natural way. We provide the child with hands-on learning experience by adopting the latest technological tools for teaching such as interactive whiteboards, E-blocks etc. These teaching aids clarify the basic concepts of numbers; words etc., enhance the concentration power of the children, improves their listening, speaking & reading skills, enables fast-paced learning and makes learning interesting for them.

Fun Rangers Learning App
Fun Rangers Learning App

Ever since the dawn, of the digital to age means of education, have become easily accessible to everyone, through apps. Screen time for kids, especially toddlers and preschoolers, has been a much-discussed topic, among parents, around the world. According to the majority of parents, screen time is alright only if the content is educational and right. Our Fun rangers learning app helps. Our little toddlers to learn. Something new memorizes new words. Our app aims to educate build children brains, assist their learning, help them grow, cognitively and sharpen their fine motor skills.

Social & Physical Development
Social & Physical Development

Outdoor time is all about exploring our natural environment, developing physical skills and enhancing brain growth. Components include: Designed specifically for infants, toddlers, preschool, and school-age children. Play equipment built to meet Consumer Product Safety Commission guidelines. Supervised free play to promote physical fitness and development.

News & Events
  • funrangers krishnanagar event 2
    Fun Rangers Group of schools is celebrating its Annual Function with a bang this year. As amongst the Best Preschool in Nehru Nagar, we strive to give our children the best of stage exposure. The theme for the 2019's Annual Function will be Buniyad. At such a tender age it's important that we provide a strong foundation on which our children can learn and grow. The Annual Function will be held on 7th December, Saturday from 04:00 PM onwards at Shah Auditorium, Civil Lines, Delhi. Furthers details will soon be shared with the respective parents. #Funrangers#FirstBigStep#preschool#FunRangersnehrunagar#Nehrunagar#NewDelhi#FunRangers#FunRangersNehrunagar#Nehrunagar#PlayschoolsinNehrunagar#PreschoolsinNehrunagar#BestpreschoolinNehrunagar#BestplayschoolinNehrunagar#ToppreschoolinNehrunagar#Earlychildhoodeducation#Earlylearning#Nehrunagar#NewDelhi#Funlearning#Education#Infants#Daycare#ToddlerClasses#KidsClasses#Daycare#Sensorylearning#Physicalactivity#AnnualDay#AwardedBestPreschoolinNehrunagar,NewDelhi#
  • Fun rangers indirapuram 2
    Fun Rangers Group of Schools is awarded the Best Preschool & Life Skill Preschool in Delhi NCR. Pride of Indian Education Award - 2019, by Brand Impact. Striving to becoming the Top Preschool Brand in Nehru Nagar, we aim to provide the best values and continue to impart the best quality education to our young toddlers. #Funrangers#FirstBigStep#preschool#FunRangersnehrunagar#Nehrunagar#NewDelhi#FunRangers#FunRangersNehrunagar#Nehrunagar#PlayschoolsinNehrunagar#PreschoolsinNehrunagar#BestpreschoolinNehrunagar#BestplayschoolinNehrunagar#ToppreschoolinNehrunagar#Earlychildhoodeducation#Earlylearning#Nehrunagar#NewDelhi#Funlearning#Education#Infants#Daycare#ToddlerClasses#KidsClasses#Daycare#Sensorylearning#Physicalactivity#AnnualDay#AwardedBestPreschoolinNehrunagar,NewDelhi#
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Where is the Fun Rangers, Nehru Nagar located?
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