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Sanskriti Kids Kingdom, Kavi Nagar, Ghaziabad

icon KJ - 28, Kavi Nagar, Near Ram Lila Ground, Block E, Sector 18, Kavi Nagar,Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh
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Sanskriti Kids Kingdom is an educational society since 2006. The pre-school started in 2002 specialies in the upbringing of pre schoolers according to their needs and capabilities.We mould the behaviour of the kids towards positive thinking. We try to give value based instructions and physical activities for fifteen minutes to half an hour which are a part of our curricula. Since 2002, our first group of preschoolers have grown up and many parents made clear to us their expectations that the school should develop further with their children into new enviorment. Our school has taken birth out of those expectations. Sanskriti Kids Kingdom gives importance to heathy food. The best way to bring up kids is letting them to be themselves. The colourful child freindly enviornment gives opportunity to play run around and enjoy their childhood. Activities like aerobics, yoga, meditation, splashing in pool and sand activies help in the growth of mind and body. Gross and fine motor developments through puzzels, tower making, clay moulding and problem solving are done regularly. Language development is the most important part of our curriculum. Rhymes, story telling picture reading,stage peformances and encouragement for free and structured conversation enhance the comminication and presentation skill of our children. The school provides the right kind of peer group which forms a learning ground for children about right behaviour, friendship, sharing and caring, confidence, leadership qualities, sense of independence, care towards enviorment and society and respect traditional values is instilled through celebration of events, stage exposure, nature walk and role plays and many other ways. Each child has inborn creativity, all we need is to encourage and give them opportunities to let them explore themselves. We provide children with stimulating enviorment where they can discover their talent like dancing,art & craft, music, clay moulding etc. On the whole our aim at S.K.K. is to blossom a child's personality by making the most of the formative years in ideal learning enviorment.
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