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Midtown Toddler House, Kargaina, Bareilly

icon Balaji Mandir Turn, Near Bajaj Agency, Badaun Road, Kargaina, Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh
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About School
As a preschool in Kargaina, we are proud to be recognized as one of the top preschools in the area. Our commitment to excellence has earned us a reputation as one of the best preschools in Kargaina. A unique, one of its kind concept, Midtown Toddler House is a place where children can grow and develop while reading, listening and playing. Here they move from dependence to independence – from shaky coordination to refined skills, from body language to verbal communication, from self-absorption to growing social awareness. Some call it pre-school, some call it Fun-School, we call it Midtown Toddler House; the chain of pre-schools that believes in enlightening children by entertaining them.Midtown Toddler House looks nothing like a pre-school, but rather like a kids heaven. Our Mission is to achieve the best education standards in Pre-School, We are conveniently located for parents in the area, making us a top choice for preschools near me. As a parent, choosing the right preschool for your child is an important decision. We believe that our school is the perfect fit for families in the Kargaina community.we have struck a balance between the Eastern culture and western competitive standards which will prepare a winning generation for the 21st century. Our children will grow up to be accommodative, caring, sharing and bright individuals.
Midtown Toddler House has Unique learning environment sparks physical growth and discovery. like Yoga, singing, dancing, drama, role play, story telling birthday celebration are an integral part of the curriculum. Extensive hands on work in art, craft, clay, painting, musical and kinesthetic art forms.Celebration of festivals and special days for cultural awareness. Our curriculum comprises activities that foster their skills to work with others, play cooperatively, help others, have a sense of empathy, and be a part of a team.Phonic approach to learn Language skills with emphasis on pronunciation . We ensure All round development of child.Building up child's knowledge potential and talent.Development of physical and mental abilities to the fullest extent. Learning through activities discovery and exploration in a child friendly and child centred manner. Making the child free from fear trauma and anxiety and helping the child to express views freely.Continuous evaluation of child's understanding of knowledge and his or her ability to apply the same.
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Programs offered
Mom And Tots (age Group - Below 2 Years)

This is one of the most essential programs developed with a purpose to serve fine motor skill development. Here, in this program the child learns to develop their fine motor skills & color recognition. Children are encouraged to develop their skills in self‐regulation, self‐awareness and independence. Language and communication skills are a key priority for this age group. This Program is designed to meet the overall requirements of preschoolers or toddlers to facilitate their development through learning and appropriate experiences. Each toddler has individuality and expectations, therefore our teachers (staff) take separate time to work with toddlers in small groups and help them grow their social skills and language abilities. During the program, toddlers are encouraged to take the first steps toward the school environment while we make sure to provide them comfort and security. Our Program gives children the freedom to learn, play and explore. Our classroom training is designed in a manner that helps children to explore different skill sets at an early age and develop them in a comfortable environment.

Playgroup (age Group- 2 To 3 Years)

Small and large group activities are planned that support the children’s needs and promote the development of cognitive, language, social/emotional and physical skills. Here in the classroom, opportunities for children’s creative exploration are balanced with the teachers’ guidance during intentional teaching and learning activities. The Play Group Program is a transition program for children that helps them step into their first independent schooling experience sensitively. Our curriculum provides massive learning and play-enriching activities divided into small and large groups. The objective is to freely explore, learn, investigate and experience the valuable range of cognitive, language, social/emotional and physical skills. We conduct special events and activities to ensure that our learning methodology is relevant and acts as a catalyst in their growth. Also, we assure to build their early literacy skills and independence without any hesitation. The children engage in various enriching activities that are designed to lead to their overall development.

Pre Nursery (age Group- 3 To 4 Years)

At this stage child needs to be developed and prepared for everything they are going to encounter in the school, e.g. following a common routine, communicating in a large group, paying attention for a longer span, eating on their own, making friends, looking after their bodily needs, their belongings, dealing with strangers, reading, writing etc. We understand that young children grow and learn the most when they receive undivided attention and the right stimulation. As parents, you can be assured that our inclusive, engaging and interactive learning environments are capable of adapting to your child’s specific learning and development requirements.

Nursery (age Group- 4 To 5 Years)

Our Nursery program focuses on pre-writing readiness with mathematical skills like counting, serialization and reasoning development through activity-based learning pattern. The curriculum is based on development appropriate education that challenges and encourages but never pushes. An emphasis is given to the vocabulary and concept clarity about the different themes. Group discussions and individual performances are encouraged. Daily activities are planned in the manner, which can arise curiosity in child’s mind towards learning. Music, Outdoor visits, drama, stories are selected to motivate them for learning and building self-esteem. Children are given exposure to the new concepts and ideas. The sense of achievement and confidence building are the prime focus areas for the teachers.

Kg (age Group- 5 To 6 Years)

KG is the step before a child’s first ever formal school experience, hence it’s imperative that the school positions the finest foundation and skills. We understand that young children grow and learn the most when they receive undivided attention and the right stimulation. As parents, you can be assured that our inclusive, engaging and interactive learning environments are capable of adapting to your child’s specific learning and development requirements.

School Features
Educated, Passionate, And Caring Teachers
Educated, Passionate, And Caring Teachers

Looking for qualified and caring teachers is one of the priorities for parents as they look for high-quality preschools. It is obvious to be looking for qualified teachers in a preschool as they handle early age education, but to find passionate and caring teachers is an added benefit. It is the principal difference between a regular preschool and a high-quality preschool. The teachers need to be caring and nurturing to make the students feel safe and homely. As the parents look through the preschool, they can keep a keen eye on how the teachers behave and act around the kids and how well they perceive the teachers' actions.

A Safe And Nurturing Environment
A Safe And Nurturing Environment

A preschool is the first experience every child gets away from home. From their cosy, warm, nurturing environment called home, they need a similar atmosphere as they sift to preschool. Preschoolers are just now learning what socialising is and how they need to work with their peers by sharing. They begin to figure out their likes and dislikes and communicate without their parents’ help and support.

Real Time Learning
Real Time Learning

Children learn new things only by practicing them individually. Likewise, we engage children through activities like role-playing, storytelling. We also have interactive activities, dance, singing, art, games, etc. Most importantly, the core elements of our teaching methodology have been designed to boost the curiosity and creativity in the little ones.

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