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Basil woods, Manikonda, Manikonda, Hyderabad

icon Plot No : 259. Block H, Opp: Anuhar Morning Raga Road No : 25, Alkapur Twp, Manikonda, Hyderabad, Telangana
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About School
“You really can change the world if you care enough” We are your perfect parenting partner to provide a transformative early learning experience for your gen-smart kids, with the best-in-class learning environment rooted in foundational Indian values and universal ethics ‘Basil Woods’ is an early learning initiative of National Institute of Value Education (NIVE) to inculcate universal values and ethics along with imparting physical/cognitive learning in the formative years of early childhood development. Basil Woods currently runs preschools and daycare centers across Bangalore and Hyderabad, in India.
NIVE focuses on imparting value education and life skills to students of all ages. The founding team of NIVE includes the trustees of Akshaya Patra, which is the world’s largest NGO-run mid-day meal program catering to over 1.7 million schoolchildren in 11 states of the country.
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Programs offered

Toddlers / Playgroup Age: 21 months to 33 months Mont 1 / Nursery Age: 33 months to 45 months Mont 2 / LKG Age: 45 months to 57 months Mont 3 / UKG Age: 57 months to 69 months Extended care program Age: 1 year to 10 years

Basil Woods Corporate Crèche Program

Program benefits: For parents Peace of mind while at work Parents learn the methodology / pattern of teaching the child Parents save time, energy and efforts by getting the child to their workplace or nearby instead of dropping them elsewhere For employers Reduces attrition of employees Less absenteeism from work A safe environment for the children of the office employees

Basil Woods Teacher Training Academy

Program highlights The Basil Woods advantage! Access to our online resource library and learning content Extensive training with 25+ hours of observation Hands on exposure with a two-month internship in a Basil Woods preschool campus A one of its kind ‘Culture connect’ module based on Indian values and ethics Program benefits The power to succeed! A complete understanding of early learners, their developmental stages, learning needs and challenges. Well researched, comprehensive and innovative course content in a modular format with a focus on guided independent study. Practical exposure to classroom teaching with 100% placement assistance An integrated curriculum that’s a combination of the Montessori method as well as modern early learning approaches.

School Features
Basil Woods Preschool Academy
Basil Woods Preschool Academy

Basil Woods Preschool Academy seeks to provide high-quality education to young learners through a combination of world-class infrastructure, qualified and committed facilitators, innovative curriculum, use of technology and novel interventions designed to improve the learning outcomes. Our curriculum and teaching methodology are designed to kindle the inquisitiveness of children and to make learning “rich, real and relevant.” The Basil Woods preschool program covers all the aspects of early childhood development including sensorial learning, cognition and creative abilities, language, Mathematics, Geography, Science, practical life with personality development, Yoga and Value education. Children work in groups and individually in an integrated environment, to explore the world of learning and develop their maximum potential. Every material in a Basil Woods classroom kindles the natural curiosity of the child and enables immersive learning. For the first time in India culture connect a special co-curricular module to explain the rich cultural heritage of India in an engaging and fun-filled manner!

Basil Woods Corporate Crèche Program
Basil Woods Corporate Crèche Program

Basil Woods crèche is a comprehensive child day care program for young parents at corporate campuses. We provide an end-to-end solution to set up child-friendly daycare environment, design series of activities to cater to the physical, emotional and social development of children and ensure seamless implementation of the program on daily basis.

Diploma In Preschool Education
Diploma In Preschool Education

Passionate about teaching? Let your passion and your choice of career unite! Launching, The Diploma in Preschool Education, an Integrated Montessori and Nursery teacher training program for aspiring teachers! BECOME A CERTIFIED PRESCHOOL TEACHER TODAY! LEARN BY DOING Theories are no match for time actually spent in a real classroom environment! Get the advantage of learning by doing, with a two-month internship in a Basil Woods preschool campus! Work on skills like lesson planning, execution and class room management, on the job! A POWER-PACKED CURRICULUM A combination of the Montessori method and modern approaches used in Nursery teacher training will ensure you’re one step above the rest! Exposure to techniques like puppetry, story-telling, music and movement will help you add fun and pizazz in the classroom! Our specially designed ‘Culture Connect’ module, will give you the edge to nurture young learners rooted in Indian culture, values and ethics! Get future-ready, now! At the heart of the Basil Woods TTA is the vision to bring in effective, empowered, energetic and future-ready teachers who are equipped to teach gen-next. Our commitment to the foundational values of Indian culture and universal ethics reflects in the Diploma program and we hope to create a culture-driven system of education that prepares candidates to hold their own anywhere in the world!

News & Events
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    Ranked as one among the top upcoming preschool-cum-daycare centres in India, by Education Today in 2017.
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    Selected as one among the top preschool-cum-daycare centres in India, by Education Today for the second consecutive year.
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    Member of the early childhood education,India. Audited and certified for quality delivery.
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    Two nominations at the International School Awards, Dubai for 2018-19
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