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The Tenderfoot School, Ajmera Farms, Jaipur

icon 152, Near Kesar Nagar Chauraha, Gulab Vihar, Dholai, Jaipur, Rajasthan
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About School
TTS was established in the year 2022, a school that pioneered education and brought revolutionary change for its Surroundings. A nature pre-school that seeks support from natural environment. for child's learning and growth. The school aims high and firm on developing a community that empties, open to sharing and non-judgmental we are a place that nurture Conscious and learning. We cerate an environment with a vision that helps them in their character-building and provides value-based curriculum that focuses on learning life-skills, vocational skills, and emotional intelligence. There is a great emphasis that needs to be given to kindergarten education. just like work & lessons, games or play should leave to realize the child’s inner potential as it serves as an important step in the development of a child. The Kindergarten is planned in such a way as to meet the educational needs of children between the ages of four and six. Thus, the goal of an elementary school should only be to build the inner abilities, intellect, and character building of child. At our School, we believe in fostering creativity. Our programs and activities are designed to inspire and celebrate your children's unique talents, allowing their creativity to flourish and shine!
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Programs offered

TTS`s Day-Care is a haven for your little ones. Our experienced caregivers provide a safe and stimulating environment where children can play, learn, and grow. With a focus on individualized care, our day-care program ensures that each child receives the attention they deserve. Our well-equipped facilities and engaging activities create a nurturing atmosphere that promotes early development and social skills. At TTS Day-Care, we understand the importance of trust and communication, ensuring that parents are always informed about their child’s daily experiences and milestones. TTS Day-Care is not just a space for supervision; it’s a place where your child thrives. Our dedicated team fosters a warm and caring environment, promoting emotional well-being and social interaction. We integrate learning into play, providing a foundation for cognitive development.


Discover the joy of early learning with TTS Mother-Toddler program. Tailored for toddlers aged 1 to 3, our sessions emphasize play, exploration, and parent-child bonding. Engage in stimulating activities designed to foster cognitive and motor skills, laying the foundation for a lifelong love of learning. Experience the magic of early development at TTS Mother-Toddler. Geared towards toddlers aged 1 to 3, our program encourages the first steps of learning through interactive play, music, and sensory activities. Strengthen the parent-toddler bond and witness your child’s curiosity bloom in a nurturing environment.

Play Group

TTS Playgroup, where children aged 2 to 3 embark on exciting adventures in learning through play. Our program is designed to foster holistic development, striking the perfect balance between interactive play, creative exploration, and structured activities. At TTS Playgroup, experienced facilitators guide little ones through their early learning experiences in a safe and nurturing environment. The curriculum emphasizes social skills, teamwork, and communication, laying the foundation for successful interactions with peers. We invite parents to participate in selected activities, creating collaborative learning moments that strengthen the bond between parent and child. Dive into the world of TTS Playgroup, a nurturing space where children aged 2 to 3 embark on a journey of discovery. Our program is crafted to provide a holistic foundation, integrating interactive learning, creative exploration, and structured play.

Junior Kg

At our Junior KG learning takes center stage in a vibrant and nurturing environment. Tailored for children aged 4 to 5, our program ensures that every child’s educational journey is filled with curiosity, creativity, and foundational skill development. In Junior KG, we focus on a holistic approach to learning, blending academic readiness with interactive play and creative exploration. Our experienced educators guide young minds through a structured curriculum that fosters social skills, language development, and a love for discovery. At TTS, Junior KG is not just a grade; it’s a stepping stone towards a bright future. Junior KG is a pivotal stage where foundational skills, social development, and a passion for exploration are nurtured. Experienced educators at TTS guide students through a carefully structured curriculum, ensuring a seamless transition from play-based learning to academic readiness. Join us in unlocking the wonders of Junior KG education at TTS.

Senior Kg

Senior KG at TTS is a launchpad for young minds to soar to great heights. Tailored for children aged 5 to 6, our program goes beyond the basics, focusing on advanced readiness, critical thinking, and character development. In Senior KG, experienced educators lead students through a dynamic curriculum that delves into advanced literacy, numeracy, and creative expression. The blend of play-based learning and structured activities ensures a well-rounded foundation for the next academic level. Join us at TTS, where Senior KG is a stepping stone towards academic mastery and personal growth. In Senior KG, experienced educators guide students through a comprehensive curriculum that emphasizes advanced literacy, numeracy, and creative expression. Our approach integrates play-based learning with structured activities, ensuring a seamless transition to the next academic level. At TTS, Senior KG isn’t just a grade; it’s a transformative journey where young learners take flight towards academic excellence.

Grade I

Embark on Grade 1 at TTS, where beginnings mark the journey to academic excellence. Tailored for students entering the formal education system, our Grade 1 program focuses on foundational skills, literacy, numeracy, and fostering a love for learning. In Grade 1, experienced educators at TTS guide students through a carefully structured curriculum that blends theoretical knowledge with hands-on activities. The program encourages critical thinking, collaboration, and independent learning. At TTS, Grade 1 is not just a grade; it’s a crucial chapter where the foundations for lifelong learning are laid. Grade 1 at TTS introduces students to a structured curriculum led by experienced educators. The focus extends beyond academics, nurturing social skills, curiosity, and a sense of exploration. Join us at TTS, where Grade 1 is a captivating journey that sets the stage for a lifetime of learning

Grade II

Welcome to Grade 2 Advancements at TTS, where young minds blossom into confident learners. Tailored for students transitioning into higher levels of education, our Grade 2 program focuses on cultivating a deeper understanding of subjects, critical thinking, and building academic confidence. In Grade 2, TTS provides a dynamic learning environment led by experienced educators. The curriculum is designed to go beyond the basics, encouraging students to explore, question, and engage in hands-on activities. Our approach fosters not only academic growth but also the development of essential life skills. Join us at TTS, where Grade 2 marks the beginning of an exciting journey towards knowledge and confidence. Grade 2 at TTS offers a vibrant and interactive learning atmosphere. Experienced educators guide students through a curriculum that challenges, inspires, and instills a love for learning. This phase marks not just academic progression but the holistic development of young minds. At TTS, Grade 2 is a pivotal stage where students step confidently into the realms of knowledge and excellence.

Evening Classes

TTS Evening Classes, where learning extends beyond regular hours. Our evening programs cater to diverse academic needs, providing additional support and enrichment opportunities for students across all grades. Whether it’s reinforcing core subjects or exploring advanced topics, our qualified instructors guide students on a journey towards academic excellence. The interactive and engaging sessions ensure that each student receives personalized attention, fostering a love for learning that goes beyond the traditional classroom setting. Join TTS Evening Classes for a holistic educational experience that empowers students for future success.

School Features
Air Conditioned And Smart Classrooms
Air Conditioned And Smart Classrooms

Experience optimum comfort and cutting-edge learning at TTS School with our air-conditioned smart classrooms. Embrace a technologically advanced and conducive environment that enhances the educational journey for students.

Ac Transport Facility
Ac Transport Facility

Acool and comfortable ride with TTS School's air-conditioned transport facility. Our dedicated fleet ensures not just safe but also pleasant journeys, setting the stage for a positive and energized school day experience for students.

Cctv Coverage All Through Campus
Cctv Coverage All Through Campus

Security is a priority at TTS School. Benefit from our comprehensive CCTV coverage throughout the campus, ensuring a safe and protected environment for students, staff, and visitors.

Low Student-teacher Ratio
Low Student-teacher Ratio

At TTS School, we prioritize individualized attention with a low student-teacher ratio. This ensures a focused and personalized learning experience, allowing students to thrive academically and personally.

Our Ratings
3 out of 5
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