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Sherwood Convent School, PHASE-IV, Mohali

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It has been rightly said by Joseph Stalin that ‘Education is a weapon, whose effect depends on who holds it in his hands and at whom it is aimed’. Education must keep on changing to face new challenges in the right perspective because with the rise in materialism, the child is suppressed by social changes, career related tensions and above all pressures by the parents and teachers. The role of teachers nowadays has to be something extra. The teacher is one who shapes destinies, works with children to make history, to grow beyond geographical devices and understand the world around children. Teachers are the mentors, the ‘guru’, the guiding light for students. They work as catalyst and guide the students to take wise decisions and act upon them. The school provides a perfect blend of traditional values with modern innovation. Thus it is important to take the school as an opportunity for progress of their students. An education plays the part of the potter who shapes the young minds as clay to mould and bind. A teacher shows the students the light of knowledge and helps to remove prejudices from their minds enabling them to think rationally and logically. An ideal teacher must have the right combination of compassion, patience, sense of humour, knowledge of subject, pleasing personality, excellent communication skills and commitment to the cause. A good teacher is one who allows children to think creatively and question without hesitation. The school has always endeavoured for wholesome child development and in its move to develop versatile personalities, it provides a helpful environment that has been carefully created keeping the needs of the child in mind. I would like to end with a quote by J. Barzun. The sole justification of teaching, of the school itself, is that the student comes out of it able to do something he could not do before. Sherwood convent school provides the platform to their children to have an edge over others and shine as a star.

Kusum Singhal

Principal, Sherwood Convent School

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