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Hunky Dory Global Pre School, Sector 8 Rohini, New Delhi

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About School
ABOUT HUNKY DORY Our Story Hunky Dory Global Pre School was established in 2013 and since then our focus has been to provide quality education and to nurture the “unique potential” in every child. We take utmost care of the kids so that they settle gradually and happily in the new environment. Our approach has been not to push or pressurize kids. We try and inculcate the sense of understanding. Parents choose our school because of the way the education is imparted and also because every child is given attention. We offer an innovative and refreshing new approach to education that combines contemporary learning techniques and principles with a balance of personal development, spiritual growth and physical challenge. A mother and father is the first teacher to any child. We are the second ones and we make sure to give them the same love and environment but in a more organised way. Kids need to be provided with the right environment to flourish. A child is learning largely from his/her immediate environment, an environment they feel safe and secure in. We provide them with this environment where your child can be his/her own person, feels at home, is safe and secure and has enough avenues to explore. Our Culture Hunky Dory works to create a preschool structure that sustains a highly creative and motivated workforce. Our teachers and all the employees here have opportunities to attend events, training, share their work and take the time to learn new skills. Thus we are cultivating an equitable and empathetic workplace along with a learning and listening culture. It is one of the best pre-schools in rohini.
Principal Message

Established in 2013 with the simple idea of play and learn and guided by the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) principles we have developed an ever-evolving environment where a child develops lifelong skills of inter-relating, resilience, empowerment, social competence and independence. We aim to provide excellence in early childhood care and education in a safe, welcoming, adopting and nurturing the environment. Ours is a privately owned and family run preschool, with a strong commitment to being participative, consultative and collaborative management. We partner with families, to provide us with invaluable information relating to individual needs as well as cultural backgrounds and heritage. We strive to build relationships with families based on co-operation and a mutual respect for the reciprocal roles that each play in the lives of the child. Our staff are dedicated professionals who value the importance of maintaining an optimum level of care and education for all children. We believe that early childhood is a celebration of learning that, when valued and nurtured appropriately, fosters happy individuals that can positively contribute to their community and the greater society. “I wish the little ones a bright and golden future” – Mr Mukesh Jain, Chairman

Mr. Mukesh Jain

Chairman, Hunky Dory Global Pre School

Programs offered
Little Wonderers ( Play Group )

PLAYGROUP Age Group 1.3 to 2.3 years Activities Involved: - Story Time Session - Sand Play - Water Play - Creativity Time - Building Communication Skills - Fun with Toys - A celebration of festivals and special days - Emphasis Given On: - Learning by exploration - Building communication skills - Encouraging positive peer interaction - Theme based Concept Time - Language Readiness - Opportunities for fine and gross motor development

The Little Discoverers (pre-nursery)

PRE – NURSERY Age Group 2.3 to 3.3 years Fun Activities Involved - Fields Trips - Festival Celebrations - Water Play - Sports Activities - E-learning Class - Library Time - Creative Time - Sand Play - Emphasis Given On: - Enhancing communication skills - Expression through art and drama - Theme based Concept Time - Opportunities for fine and gross motor development - Promoting cognitive development - Math and Language Skill Development

The Little Explorers (kindergarten)

Lower Kindergarten Age Group: 3.3 – 4.3 years - E-learning Class - Art and Craft Sessions - Sensory Time - Story Time - Celebrations of Festivals - Fun Activities - Field Trips - Library Time - Science Time Emphasis Given On: - Personal Social and Emotional Development - Cognitive development - Theme based Concept Time - Math readiness - Language and Phonics - Inculcating Life-long learning skills - Opportunities for development of aesthetic sense

Upper Kindergarten

Upper Kindergarten (UKG) Age Group: 4-5.5 years Activities Involved: - E-learning Class - Creative Time - Draw Your Imagination - Role Play - Public Speaking - Festival Celebrations - Library Time - Science Time - Sand Play and Water Play - Field Trips Emphasis Given On: - Theme based Concept Time - Math readiness - Language and Phonics - Inculcating Life-long learning skills - Opportunities for development of the aesthetic sense - Personal Social and Emotional Development - Cognitive development “Children must be taught how to think, not what to think” – Margaret Mead

School Features
Techno Smart Learning
Techno Smart Learning

Technology-based Smart Classrooms give opportunities for teaching and learning by integrating technology, such as TouchPads, Projectors, and audio/visual capabilities. Children play on the touch panel & simultaneously learn alphabets, numbers, shapes, colours, fruits, vegetables, animals, transports, etc.

Meals Provided
Meals Provided

Hot and delicious freshly cooked meal is provided to Day Care students. Keeping in mind a child’s varied taste buds, the balance between taste and nutrition is maintained.


Pick and Drop Facility. You can keep an eye on your kid through CCTV.

News & Events
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    Bond Between A Teacher And A Child! Why do people say that children are next to God. Because they are innocent and they are pure. They say what they think and do what they say. Their minds are a mound of clay and teachers are the artisans who give the shape and clarity. Thus choosing the right school, the right environment becomes the most important step in a child’s life. “A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination, and instill a love of learning” – Brad Henry The best teacher-student example is that of Dronacharya and Arjuna. Drona’s teaching and Arjuna’s dedication are the epitome for a student-teacher relationship. Dronacharya, the guru saw the talent in Arjuna and moulded him to be the best archer amongst all. A teacher is a source of information, is a motivator, a helper, a guide, a member, a friend – all at the same time. Teachers have a great impact on the lives of a child. Teaching is a challenging job and teachers do it with passion and full dedication. A teacher’s hard work is directly proportional to students work. Effective Teachers can provide – Stimulating environment Diagnosis of weaknesses Encouragement and emotional support Knowledge and skills Guidance towards “the next step” Teamwork opportunities and support Passion for learning Hands-On learning As Parents, we can support the teacher by doing the following: Have Trust in your teacher and the schools process of teaching Trust your childs ability to learn Value and appreciate your childs progress no matter how slow Advocate your child if he/she has a learning difficulty Provide a suitable learning atmosphere Realise your child is different from the other child and hence learning process will also be different. Last, but not the least “always be there for your kid”
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