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Thomas kids international, Sarita vihar, New Delhi

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The community of Thomas Kids International believes in teaching its children how to live lives of excellence. Parents and faculty work closely to provide the experiences and the guidance students need in order to understand their world. We believe all our students possess individual strengths that make the collective group complete. Above all, we seek to share with them God’s love and to develop life-long habits of praise to Him. Thomas Kids offers enrichment classes in French, computer, art, music, taekwondo and daily physical education that broaden the students experiences. Our students also enjoy the benefits of learning outside the confines of the classroom by going on several field trips a year as well as by utilizing the schools outdoor resources. Students and parents alike even have the opportunity to enroll in a variety of classes as part of the after school enrichment program. In addition to the academic program, students also learn how to keep a daily planner, manage time, and study in ways that are effective for them.Living lives of excellence means we address the developmental needs of our students. It also means we pay attention to the small details that set our students apart. Above all, it means we make every effort to help the children in our care know the love that their Savor has for them.
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