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Every individual (kid) has certain needs, right from the time of birth besides his basic needs of hunger, thirst and sleep. For example , a toddler has a need to find out about every thing in his environment by touching , feeling , tasting and so on. A pre-schooler has a need to play alone and with others , explore his environment and so on . These needs can be catered to , by providing appropriate experiences which would enable growth and development i.e. wholesome personality development of the child. These needs , thus have to be fulfilled during that period of time. If this is not fulfilled, a gap would be created, and, if the child passes that age without having satisfied that need, it would never be possible to obtain that need in its fullness. As a result of this , the growth and development would be stunted. We as 'Whole Kids Playschool' are aware and sensitive to children's need at a particular period of time, directing our strategies to fulfill these needs and there by promote growth and development to the optimum.The 'Whole Kids Playschool' curriculam is carefully worked out using activities relevant to the kids age and natural interests. In this curriculam the content teaching is reduced, but most of the objectives aim at understanding and practicing of the concept, using the intresting experiential approach. All the activities provided here are manipulative in nature, as the use of blocks, clay, sand , water , crayons , listening to stimulating stories, getting opportunities to talk and listen, and so on. This provides opportunities for them to use their mental facilities. All the teachers do appropriate and adequate home-work and always maintain such and environment by which children inculcate good habits at earlier level. Parents are important people in a child's life. they are the child's first teachers. They give the child his first experiences in loving relationships. They serve as first models. They direct his first learning experiences. We as 'Whole Kids Playschool' need to know something about parents and to respect the part they play in bringing up the children we meet at the school. Teacher and parents need to depend on each other. We maintain such an environment in which parents feel at home in the school.
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Frequently asked questions
How can I seek admission at Whole Kids Play School for my child?
Which age is best for sending the child to Whole Kids Play School?
How can I seek admission at Whole Kids Play School for my child?
Which age is best for sending the child to Whole Kids Play School?