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Aarambh Play School , Pandav Nagar, New Delhi

icon A-94/A, N Pandav Nagar ,Block A, Ganesh Nagar, Delhi
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About School
Lovely Nursery School in Pandav Nagar, Delhi is now Aarambh Play School. a preschool in Ganesh Nagar, we are proud to be recognized as one of the top preschools in the area. Our commitment to excellence has earned us a reputation as one of the best preschools in Ganesh Nagar. We are conveniently located for families in the Ganesh Nagar, community, making us a top choice for preschools near me. We believe that our school is the perfect fit for your child's education and development. The school provides with new circulum and exciting fun learnings for our students. We offer a platform for the early years age group starting 2+ for Pre-Nursery, Nursety, LKG and UKG. Moreover, we also offer Day Care facility for all age group. Aarambh Play School (Lovely Nursery School) is one of the best Preschool in Pandavnagar. Parents of this school has consistently rated good ratings and review for this branch. Aarambh Belief The Aarambh is built around the strong belief that the childhood of a little one is precious. Childhood is meant to be enjoyed and cherished. Research and in-depth studies have proven that the first five years of childhood are the most formative. Incredible learning and vital mental and cognitive growth occurs during this period. In these years, the child has an outstanding ability to imbibe and flourish at a fascinating pace. Our programs are tailored to foster every child’s social, aesthetic and motor skills. We develop age-appropriate activity based learning for the child’s all round development.
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Programs offered
Nursery (age 2. 5 To 3. 10)

In Nursery, children are engaged in school readiness activities such as reading, writing, counting, number recognition and problem solving in a fun filled but purposeful manner. Children are encouraged to corroborate their learning through collaborative activities in the areas of dramatics, science and arts.

Lkg (age 3. 5 To 4. 10)

Kindergarten is an extension of the learning and assimilation of information gained by the child in the preceding two years in nursery and playgroup. The Lower kindergarten years focus on enhanced writing and reading skills, social and extra-curricular activities

Ukg (age 4. 5 To 5. 10)

The Upper kindergarten year focus on enhanced writing and reading skills, simple and complex everyday maths skills, science, social and extra-curricular activities. Focuses on Local languages ( Hindi, Kannada.) and introducing them for hassle free schooling.

School Features
Cctv Enabled Classrooms And Campus
Cctv Enabled Classrooms And Campus

At Aarambh Play School, for Child safety we have cctv cameras in every corner of the school. It's hard to stay away from kids, to begin with. With 24 CCTV cameras covering every corner of the school, parents can watch the recordings of their child enjoying and settling in the school.

Well Ventilated And Cleaned Classrooms
Well Ventilated And Cleaned Classrooms

Health of children in Aarambh Play School is given most important of every child, we maintain hygienic and clean environment in school campus to keep your child healthy and safe.

Medical And Dental Checkups
Medical And Dental Checkups

At Aarambh Play School (Lovely Nursery), we implement the strictest of hygiene standards for our children and staff. In addition, the health insurance covers most of the medical expenses for the children in case of any untoward event.

Our Ratings
4.8 out of 5
What our parents think about us
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    (4.8 ★) Dipti Raina ...Parents of Anika Gupta
  • greenQuotes
    (4.6 ★) Shalini Kumari ...Parents of Soham Patel
  • greenQuotes
    Best school for little kids...
    (5 ★) Neeru
  • greenQuotes
    (5 ★) Rakhi ...Parents of Shivay Kumar
  • greenQuotes
    (4.6 ★) Himanshi Gupta ...Parents of Priyanshi
  • greenQuotes
    Nothing,doing great job
    (5 ★) Babita ...Parents of Dhruv Chaurasia
  • greenQuotes
    (5 ★) Preeti Gupta ...Parents of Prem Gupta
  • greenQuotes
    All good in school.I am satisfied
    (4.8 ★) Richa Khanna
  • greenQuotes
    (4.8 ★) Nisha Mishra
  • greenQuotes
    Focused each student sepratllye study with inhance skills , what teaching student that will be view in improvement student skill with way of talking .
    (4 ★) Simran Sharma ...Parents of Akshita Sharma
  • greenQuotes
    (4.8 ★) Anchal Rathi
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