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Aryaman Public School, Najafgarh, New Delhi

icon RZ 127 West Krishna Vihar, Main Khaira Road, Najafgarh, New Delhi
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About School
Aryaman Public School is located in West Krishna Vihar, Main Khaira Road, Najafgrah, New Delhi, is a recognized Secondary School (Classes from Nursery to Tenth) by the Directorate of Education, Delhi and Affiliated to the C.B.S.E. Its founder motive is to nurture character building, values and camaraderie in its students, thereby aiming at the holistic development of all faculties: education of mind, development of personality, building of confidence, moral strength of character, value systems and ideology. All these intertwine and combine to form a comprehensive individual personality. The school is running under the aegis of “Gyanwati Educational Society (Regd.)”. Its prime motiveis to nurture, groom and guide each student through all stages of development with a vision of creating a good human being and a good citizen of a developing India. With an educational philosophy that is dynamic in approach and in accordance with the changing needs of the society, Gyanwati Educational Society (Regd.) has been active in the field of Education. The school stands committed to provide quality education through tested and accepted procedures and processes that aim continual improvement of learners. An education for human excellence which helps children grow into responsible citizen of their country. The school’s curriculum woven with the strings of vedic knowledge and culture. The school has co-curricular activities for students for building wholesome personalities with a strong value system.
Principal Message

Aryaman Public School, established in 2006, under the aegis of the Gyanwati Educational Society is committed to preparing global citizens equipped with the life skills required to meet the constantly changing challenges and needs of the world around them. As part of a society that stands for educational leadership, scholarly achievement and a progressive approach, we combine the tenets of a traditional value based system with global trends and a world class infrastructure. Education is not a destination but a journey of exploration, discovery, introspection, promise and endless possibilities. We are looking at happy children, eager to learn, positive in outlook and ready to take on any and every challenge. We provide collaborative, cooperative and supportive environment to foster innovation as well as support teaching practices which are not only stimulating and conducive for learning but also ensure that our students grow up into autonomous individuals with deep rooted value system. We offer a comprehensive academic curriculum which is supported by a system of instruction that is experiential and encourages children to be logical, critical and analytical in thought and in application. Our focus is to reach out to each and every child of the school because each child is unique and every child is precious. At Aryaman Public School, the learning tools and pedagogy used here engage the students actively, kindling their enthusiasm in their quest to learn. The modern teaching strategies used here help children understand how natural resource management can help maintain an acceptable quality of life and sustainable future through systematically and meticulously planned development. We invite the parents to join hands with us in this endeavor to prepare our students to face the challenges of life and become best citizen of the country.

Smt. Sunil Kumari

Principal, Aryaman Public School

School Features

School is located on a plot of 2 acres out of which at least 1 acres is for play ground and other outdoor activities. Besides smart class and classrooms, the school building comprises of the following:- 1.Composite Science Lab 2.Library 3.Medical Room 4.Sports/Yoga Room 5.Social Studies Laboratory 6.Mathematics Laboratory 7.Activity Room (For Nur/KG students) 8.Music &Dance Room 9.Computer Laboratory

Our Computer Lab
Our Computer Lab

The school has user friendly computer lab well equipped with latest technology DELL PCs and a network binding them together. Internet facility with broadband connection paves the way for the students to become highly skilled resource persons and technocrats in the near future. These student laboratories support the academic study of Computer Science as a subject. The Information Technology curriculum has been planned in such a way that the students of classes III to VIII will get exposure to various technologies and softwares. In the primary section, the students are trained to use basic softwares like Windows, MS-Office (Ms-Word, MS-Powerpoint, Ms-Excel etc.). Along with this, they get exposure to computer programming at elementary stage through the computer languages like LOGO and Q-Basic in order to improve their logical skills. The students are assessed on their practical skills over a regular time interval via projects and assignments given to them. In the higher classes the students have an option to learn advanced softwares which are the part of their curriculum. The Students get exposure to the latest Multimedia softwares like FLASH, Photoshop, Image-Ready etc. On the other hand to sharpen their logical and reasoning skills, they learn computer languages like Visual Basic, JAVA and C++.

Our Library
Our Library

The school Library stocks with different category of books for students and are updated time to time in the reference section where the students are actively encouraged to use the library for independent study and for research towards their presentations and projects. Library are routinely updated with latest addition of the books available in the market. The membership is open to all students and faculty members, who are issued a library card for all transactions in the library. The school library caters to the need of all classes from Nursery to XII. The school has at present three computerized modern and impressive libraries, with 29033 books and subscribing to 65 magazines, to stimulate the reading habits in children and cater to the needs of students from Class I to XII. A lot of emphasis is laid on the inculcation of the habit of good reading and therefore the three libraries cater to the needs of students. Books are regularly issued to the students. Apart from this, all the class rooms have a class library which is maintained and managed by the students themselves to enrich their reading experience. Libraries are well stocked with an extensive collection of books, reference books, encyclopedias, magazines and journals which are of the appropriate level for students and fuel the students’ minds and provide valuable research material. The librarians supervise the students' use of the library. Our school has three well equipped Libraries. The Nursery Library aims at developing the love for books among the junior students. 'Books are our friends' is the motto of this library, which is well equipped with colourful, illustrative and attractive books that include picture dictionaries, story books, educative materials, etc. The school has a well stocked Senior Library which makes our student intellectually strong and sound. The lure and love for books bind the thoughts & dreams of the students, and enables them to build strong edifices for the future. The library also subscribes to a large number of newspapers, journals, magazines and periodicals, which are periodically replenished. Through our library we inculcate the reading habit among the students and generate interest and awareness of mutilingual array of books available, amongst them.

Science And Mathematics Lab
Science And Mathematics Lab

At Aryaman Public School, students are encouraged to test theories, prove concepts and validate hypotheses. There are four comprehensive laboratories, one each for Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics. The laboratories are well designed, airy and well-lit. A lot of thought has gone into making the labs safe for student use, with wash areas at every table.

Sports Complex
Sports Complex

Aryaman Public School’s Sports Complex emphasizes on all-round development of hands-on motor skill co-ordination, movement, health and nutrition, first aid and game skills for games such as cricket, football, volleyball, table-tennis and athletics. It has facilities for cricket and football along with two lawn tennis courts and one volley ball court. The students enthusiastically play these games - Athletics, Badminton, Band, Cricket, Foot Ball, Hand Ball, Hockey, Kho-Kho, Lawn Tennis, Taekwondo, Volley Ball under the supervision of trained physical education teachers and coaches. Indoor activities refer to the latent talent sports expertise that hones the skill of quiet concentration and calculated movement under the security of a roof. The school has made provision for Carrom, Chess, Table Tennis and Yoga for the students to hone their skills. Outdoor activities form a vital ingredient of the sports activity. Keeping in mind the importance of vigorous exercise regime that is the hallmark of sports, a huge arena of 2.3 acres has been provided for. All the outdoor activities are undertaken in the massive playground that forts the academic building. The sizeable dimensions make ample room for activities carried out of doors in healthy pursuit of fitness and fresh air.

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