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Snow Bell School, Laxmi Nagar, New Delhi

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Foundation decides the strength of the building. Preschool is a foundation of would be an elementary school of a child. The preschool is the best way to get a toddler ready for the test that awaits him at the start of elementary school. Since preschools are important in helping a child gain some basic knowledge and pick up information that would be useful once he or she starts elementary school, Snow Bell follows theme rules and regulations different than elementary schools and their formal rules. Snow Bell develops a platform to learn a lot through by exploring and playing under the guidance of helpful and caring teachers. Apart from the learning, we also provide a good break for the parents as they can relax while the child has some fun in a caring environment. Snow Bell focus on learning through various activities and develop social skills. Here children learn how to wait for their turns, how to follow instructions, and how to co-operate with other young children in different activities, which include listening to stories in story time, working together in drawing, and constructing different things in building sessions. By attending Snow Bell, children find their true social self as well, as they find children of the same age here. Toddlers who might not have blossomed at home can really sparkle here; children who are shy can learn to overcome their introvert tendencies too. Children get a lot more opportunities of building their creative minds through various crafty and artistic activities designed by us. Children often don’t show their creative self at homes for fear of getting a scolding for the mess it might create. With no such fear at preschool, children should be able to explore the limits of their curious and imaginative minds. We, as a preschool, prepare the child in such manner that he or she would stand alone to face any elementary school challenge in the world. An innovative learning pattern from traditional to trendy “JOY OF LEARNING” separates us from other preschools.
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