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Garodia's Beehive Preschool, Kalkaji, New Delhi

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Our journey began in 1969 in a small garage with only seven students and a dream to bring the joy of education to children. Under the strong vision of our Founder, Smt. Parmeshwari Devi Gordhandas Garodia, the roots of Garodia Education grew stronger and helped us branch out to various segments from kindergarden to the tertiary.Beehive, a preschool franchise was borne out of the same values as its parent group, Garodia Education, and believes in providing a holistic learning environment that aids the overall development of preschoolers.In addition to providing children with an enriching environment, we function in a professionally managed structure with exposure in pre- schooling, franchising and a strong lineage in Garodia Education.
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