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Euro Kids Janakpuri, Janakpuri, New Delhi

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About School
We launched EuroKids in 2001 & since then have rapidly changed the face of Pre-school education in the country. Our success as one of the leading education service providers raised the expectations of many hopeful parents, who were keen to see their children continue to blossom under our guidance. Furthermore, with over 18 awards, we are setting new benchmarks by Reinventing Education. A Pre-School is your child’s first experience away from you. To ensure, that this transition from home to school is a smooth process, we have Buddy, your child's Fun Partner at EuroKids Pre-School. As your little bundle of joy takes the first step into a new world, he or she is not alone. Buddy is always there to help your child get comfortable in the nurturing environment of our Pre-School. This makes Buddy your child’s best friend at EuroKids Pre-School.
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Programs offered
Play Group (1. 8 - 3 Years)

In the PlayGroup Age - we ensure hands-on discovery and exploration with exclusive EuroKids kits, Developing language skills, Encouraging learning of new age skills, engaging children physically, emotionally and socially, shaping scientific thought in children as well.

Nursery (2. 5 - 4 Years)

Imparts Essential Life Skills, Enhances Learning And Interaction Through Fun With, Exclusive Eurokids Kits, Cultivates Creativity & Develop Curiosity, Improves Imagination Through Art And Music

Euro Junior (3. 5 To 5 Years)

Special activities for developing language skills, Age appropriate learning with exclusive EuroKids learning tools Encourages children to express their ideas, thoughts and feelings, allows children to grow at their own pace.

School Features
Child Security
Child Security

At Euro Kids, child Security is of the highest priority. Our entire premises is covered with CCTV Cameras ensuring that nothing goes under the eyes. The furniture used in the classroom is child safe with no sharp edges anywhere. Female Staff is appointed post background verification. The school is also equipped with First Aid Kits and Emergency Services to ensure any and every situation can be handeled.

Health & Hygiene
Health & Hygiene

At Euro Kids, we get the Health Checkup done by Expert Paediatricians. The toys used in the school are 100% safe and safe to use. Washrooms are sanitised. The Premises is kept Hygienic with Fumigation & Pest Control.

360 Degree Learning
360 Degree Learning

At Euro Kids, we aim for Holistic Development instead of focusing on just a couple of key aspects. Building Brain Power. Making New Friends. Growing a Healthy Body

News & Events
  • Euro Kids JP Grandparents Day
    Grandparents Day Celebration Euro Kids celebrates Grandparents Day with special activities and assemblies. Students often their grandparents into the schools for a day, and the children find creative ways to celebrate their grandparents. Most grandparents don’t care what activity they do—they just want to spend time with their grandchildren. Maybe ask your grandparents to show you one of their favorite hobbies. It is fun to spend time with your grandparents exploring nature. If your grandparent would prefer a calm day, ask them to show you their favorite movie. No matter what, the best Grandparents Day activity involves the child and the grandparents together, celebrating their family and each other.
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