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Shri Ram Global Pre-School GK-1, Greater Kailash 1, New Delhi

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About School
Vision Shri Ram Global Pre-School is committed to creating the best multi-sensory learning environment that will guide a child’s transition from home to school and community and thus lay the foundation for lifelong success. Mission To create a highly-skilled and caring team that respects the unique nature of the child and seeks to make its welfare central to its philosophy. To create a collaborative environment with our pupils’ families, and through this partnership, nurture their abilities to achieve their highest potential. To ensure that a well-balanced, developmentally-appropriate curriculum and infrastructure creates opportunities for intellectual and social development, creativity and physical growth. To promote a joyful, positive and vibrant classroom climate that encourages active explorations of the nature of the world without fear. To foster the ability in preschoolers to be curious, to think, to choose and take the path of integrity.
Philosophy At Shri Ram Global Pre-school, we consistently and lovingly provide an active environment for learning. Our caregivers are also home-makers, providing first for our children’s physical needs for bodily care, rest, movement, and safety and their social and emotional needs for security and companionship. In a world of Pre-Schools where teaching skills to children is the primary aim of curriculum, SRGPS has delved deep into a child’s psyche, researched and built on modern educational ideas before formulating our own approach. That is why we believe that acquiring skills is not enough. A child with the right foundation can face any challenge, acquire any skill, achieve his/her potential, in short become an individual to be reckoned with. We believe that when schools successfully foster pupils’ self-awareness and understanding of the world around them and spiritual questions and issues, they will be developing a set of values, principles and beliefs to inform their perspective on life and their behaviour. It can give pupils the sense of identity and self-worth which enables them to value others. This philosophy is enunciated in our 7 C’s approach. We recognise that each child is a product of his own culture and SRGPS inculcates respect for the home culture of the child by introducing cultural media such as music, drama and art, while introducing them to valuable ideas such as citizenship and responsibility..
Shri Ram Global Preschool is an institution conceived to impart the best in education coupled with the development of values and personality traits that breed achievers. Shri Ram Global Preschool is one of the Top Preschools in Greater Kailash. Situated in the heart of Greater Kailash, Shri Ram Global Preschool GK provides Top Notch Facilities which easily puts it in the Top Pre Schools in Greater Kailash and one of the Top Pre Schools in Ghaziabad as well.
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Programs offered
Caterpillar (1. 8 – 2. 3 Years)

With the focus to ensure that child comes joyfully our"caterpillar program" is catering towards the children the age group of 1.8 -2.3 years.

Butterfly (2. 3 – 3 Years)

This program at SRGPS is meant for the children between age group of 2.3 yrs to 3 yrs.

Eyfs-1 (3-4 Years)

Shri Ram Global methodology believes that play-centric model is key in a young child's learning.

School Features
Learning & Fun
Learning & Fun

SRGPS aims to enhance and strengthen every child’s own natural learning abilities.

Healthy Meals
Healthy Meals

At SRGPS healthy meals are prepared keeping in mind the child’s health.

Children Safety
Children Safety

A team of trained teachers ensure safety of your child.

News & Events
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    Christmas Day Continuing to being amongst the Best Preschools in Greater Kailash, Shri Ram Global Preschool Greater Kailash is celebrated Christmas Day with a bang at the end of the year. At such a tender age it's important that we provide a strong foundation on which our children can learn and grow. Christmas is an annual festival commemorating the birth of Jesus Christ, observed primarily on December 25 as a religious and cultural celebration among billions of people around the world. #shrirampreschool#greaterkailash#fun#evenyoneinred#santa#bestpreschool#enjoymentallday
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