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Carnations Preschool, Salisbury, Pune

icon 453/6, Salisbury Park, Salisbury Park, Camp, Pune
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Carnations are delicate, durable and beautiful flowers. Their scientific name is Dianthus, which when translated from Greek, means ‘flower of the Gods’. It is no wonder then, that Carnations was the instant choice for the name of our school as it embodies what we think of our children. The Carnations team comes together with over 15 years of collective experience in some of the best schools in Pune. Using this experience of time tested methods and introducing new and innovative teaching techniques, we bring our first endeavour in Pre-school education to you. At Carnations we aim to create an environment that challenges the child’s mind. We want to offer equal opportunity to all by working alongside the children and developing in them a ‘can do’ attitude. We want to instill in our little ones the value of service, not self. We offer support, trust and integrity in our service to our parents and the children. The children will grow to learn and give respect as a part of their everyday life in school. Every day will be a celebration of themselves and life. Our teachers are trained and come with experience in the field of education. All the work done in school is planned and has a specific motive behind it. To ensure that our children become global citizens, everyday will be an enriching experience, every day something will be learnt and the children will be taught to take pride in themselves and in their work. The curriculum is a happy blend of themes, projects and hands on work. Apparatus used for Montessori training and curriculum based learning complete our approach to education. With enough outdoor and indoor space children will be able to enjoy both experiences. We would like to conclude with the thoughts of the great Swiss developmental psychologist Jean Piaget,
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