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Footprints Preschool & Enrichment Club, Balewadi, Pune

icon Shirole`s Tejonidhi, S.No. 50/51, Plot No. A-10, Balewadi, Opp. Sai Eshanya, Apts, Pune
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At Footprints we aim to create a lasting impression of the quality start received by the child to help them dream and achieve big in life. We aim to create an environment conducive to early education which is full of fun and energy. Our aim is to build a community of learners by providing children with enriching experiences to develop self‐confidence, independence and strong cognitive and social skills. We respect the dignity, worth and individuality of each child and are committed to helping children achieve their full potential. Our goal is to help children grow up confident in their own identity and respectful of other people. We look forward to continuously improve and fine tune our methods and practices to help bring out the best in our children and help them build the confidence required to excel in the goals they set for themselves. It's not only the Water pool or the Slide, Roper-climber or the Tunnel, Toys or Games that makes Footprints unique but we provide the Best Start to your child by applying the unique system of Child Foundaiton Development of International Recognition.
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