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Kiddie Junction, Saket, Indore

icon 61 A Samvid nagar Saket behind Eureka Hospital Indore
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"Kiddie Junction is a destination for toddlers,wobblers, infants and young kids. Fulfilling ,not just the requirement of creche ,it also serves as a promising Play school for your growing toddler. KIDDIE JUNCTION is able to provide the best possible environment for healthy development of young children following the Montessori System of teaching. It provides a carefully planned and structured environment in which the child grows and learns in a natural way. Following child-centered approach, the programme of the preschool is planned in such a way that it not only clarifies concepts, but also meets the various needs of the child. The Creche aims to provide a happy, caring, secure educationally based environment."
Kiddie Junction has Unique learning environment sparks physical growth and discovery. like Yoga, singing, dancing, drama, role play, story telling birthday celebration are an integral part of the curriculum. Extensive hands on work in art, craft, clay, painting, musical and kinesthetic art forms.Celebration of festivals and special days for cultural awareness.   Our curriculum comprises activities that foster their skills to work with others, play cooperatively, help others, have a sense of empathy, and be a part of a team.Phonic approach to learn Language skills with emphasis on pronunciation . We ensure All round development of child.Building up child's knowledge potential and talent.Development of physical and mental abilities to the fullest extent. Learning through activities discovery and exploration in a child friendly and child centred manner. Making the child free from fear trauma and anxiety and helping the child to express views freely.Continuous evaluation of child's understanding of knowledge and his or her ability to apply the same.
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Programs offered

Our facility offers a safe, nurturing, and stimulating environment for children aged 6 weeks to 5 years old. With experienced staff dedicated to fostering individualized growth, we provide engaging activities to promote cognitive, social, emotional, and physical development. Our focus on healthy nutrition, open communication with parents, and a clean, organized facility ensures that your child thrives in our care. Join us at Kiddie Junction for a journey of learning, exploration, and fun!


At Kiddie Junction Preschool, we meticulously plan small and large group activities that cater to children's individual needs while fostering cognitive, language, social/emotional, and physical skills development. Our classroom environment encourages creative exploration alongside structured learning activities guided by our experienced teachers. The Play Group Program gently eases children into their first independent schooling experience. Our curriculum offers a wealth of learning and play opportunities tailored to small and large groups, allowing children to freely explore, learn, and develop vital skills. Through special events and activities, we ensure our approach remains engaging and relevant, acting as a catalyst for growth. We prioritize building early literacy skills and independence in a supportive atmosphere. Children participate in a variety of enriching activities designed to nurture their overall development.

Pre- Nursery

At Kiddie Junction Preschool, we recognize the importance of preparing children for the experiences they'll encounter in school, such as following routines, communicating in groups, sustaining attention, self-feeding, socializing, self-care, and academic skills like reading and writing. We understand that children thrive when they receive focused attention and appropriate stimulation. Parents can trust that our inclusive, interactive learning environments are designed to adapt to each child's unique learning and developmental needs, fostering growth and confidence every step of the way.


At Kiddie Junction Preschool, our Nursery program prioritizes pre-writing readiness and foundational math skills, including counting, sequencing, and reasoning, all taught through hands-on, activity-based learning. Our curriculum is tailored to each child's developmental stage, fostering a challenging yet supportive environment. We place a strong emphasis on vocabulary development and ensuring clear understanding of various themes. Group discussions and individual activities are encouraged to enhance communication skills. Daily activities are designed to spark curiosity and a love for learning. Through music, outdoor exploration, drama, and storytelling, we aim to inspire children and boost their self-esteem. We introduce new concepts and ideas to broaden their horizons, with a focus on fostering a sense of achievement and building confidence under the guidance of our dedicated teachers.


Our Lower Kindergarten (LKG) program lays the foundation for your child's educational journey with care and expertise. Our curriculum is thoughtfully crafted to introduce pre-reading, pre-writing, and early mathematical concepts through engaging activities and interactive learning experiences. We focus on nurturing your child's curiosity and love for learning while developing essential skills like fine motor coordination, language development, and social interaction. In our LKG classrooms, children embark on exciting adventures through group discussions, creative projects, and hands-on exploration. Our experienced educators provide a supportive and stimulating environment where every child can flourish and grow. Join us at Kiddie Junction Preschool, where we pave the way for a lifetime of learning success.


At Kiddie Junction Preschool, our Upper Kindergarten (UKG) program serves as a crucial stepping stone before your child's formal schooling journey begins. We recognize the significance of providing a strong foundation and essential skills during this pivotal stage. Understanding that young children thrive with individualized attention and tailored stimulation, we assure parents that our inclusive, engaging, and interactive learning environments are adept at adapting to each child's unique learning and developmental needs. With a focus on fostering growth and confidence, our UKG classrooms provide a supportive atmosphere where children can flourish and prepare for a successful transition to formal education. Join us at Kiddie Junction Preschool, where we prioritize your child's development and future success.

School Features
Our Staff
Our Staff

Kiddie Junction has been an innovative, nurturing environment for kids. We have earned an excellent reputation based on our outstanding curriculum, presented by a dedicated, passionate staff of professionals. We are extremely proud of our creative and energetic staff. Kiddie Junction has a very low turnover rate but when we do add new teachers and assistants, they are carefully selected through an intensive screening process. . All of our teachers have years of early childhood education training and experience. All teachers and assistants are required to obtain new training each year to keep up on the latest research in early child development and best practices.

A Safe And Nurturing Environment
A Safe And Nurturing Environment

A preschool is the first experience every child gets away from home. From their cosy, warm, nurturing environment called home, they need a similar atmosphere as they sift to preschool. Preschoolers are just now learning what socialising is and how they need to work with their peers by sharing. They begin to figure out their likes and dislikes and communicate without their parents’ help and support.

Real Time Learning
Real Time Learning

Children learn new things only by practicing them individually. Likewise, we engage children through activities like role-playing, storytelling. We also have interactive activities, dance, singing, art, games, etc. Most importantly, the core elements of our teaching methodology have been designed to boost the curiosity and creativity in the little ones.

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