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Sydney Montessori Schools, Kunnumpuram-NGO Quarters Road, Kochi

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The Sydney Education Community (SEC) cherishes a dream - “Holistic Education - for all” and this dream keeps recurring to us. Expounding on the same, we confronted the perennial questions (that are looming in your minds): What is holistic education? Can an education system embrace holism? Can any education be called as total? Trying hard to find answers, we learnt that an individual starts learning from the time of birth (arguably, before that). Scientists say that the growth period from 6 months to 6 years forms the base for all the learning curve that an individual would be able to attain. That’s why we, at the SEC, decided to focus on this age bracket, much more proactively and creatively. That’s why we decided that the best of our resources are reserved for this age group. In the pursuit of answers, (again) we got to know that, to implant, nourish, reinforce and flourish a new generation of leaders, we need to be committed, qualified and trained- that’s why we became a team, a special task force sworn to this purpose. SEC has always had an outlook towards this issue. With the realization that the society is tuned to receive these change, we set out to redefine our each day, trudging on the path shown by our early torch bearers like – Dr. Balachandran MD, DGO (Former Superintendent Medical College, KTM), Dr. Joseph A Pattani [Head of Pediatric & Neonatology Division, Matha Hospital, Thellakom], Dr. C.P Vijayan [Gynaecologist, Former Superintendent Medical College, Kottayam], Smt. Alice Joseph [Former Municipal Vice Chairperson], Sri. T C Jose Tharayil [Retd. Head Master], Dr. Manoj Venugopal [Govt. TD Medical College, Alappuzha], Dr. P S Shajahan [Associate Professor of Pulmonary Medicine, Govt TD College, Alappuzha] & Prof. S Sivadas [Educationalist] These stalwarts burned their midnight oil so that we could build our today. The redefinitions had been under their guidance. We went on to learn that innovations in the arena of education are so fast and vast. That instituted another team to research, reinvent, reiterate and subsequently remould us periodically. This is what we have to offer you and your child ― a learning path that is well-defined for the optimal development of your child. Our quest for answers is a never-ending one and we see vast attributes in each child, each individual. Join us in this quest to exponentiate each individuals capabilities.

Jasmin K Mathew

Principal, Sydney Montessori Schools

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