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About LM Whitefield LM Whitefield’s well qualified, committed and experienced team works hard to create a caring and learning environment in the Pre-school. We know that every child develops differently and at different times. Every child is evaluated as a person to understand their individual needs and interests. This helps us to ensure that every child feels involved, stimulated and happy in our care. We follow rigorous staff recruitment, selection and supervision procedures to ensure that anyone joining our team undertake relevant security checks including references and qualification checks. Parents are reassured knowing that child protection and safeguarding underpins every aspect of our practice and will continue to remain a priority for us.
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Principal Message

When visiting a LM Whitefield classroom for the first time, you might wonder what magical spell has been cast upon these children causing them to be keen on reading. Others might be confused by the children’s independence, wondering where the discipline and structure are — where these children are learning the etiquettes from. As an Education specialist I’ve heard it all, from “Play way is too free and chaotic!” or “Play way is too structured!” The Play way philosophy varies in interpretation from school to school, teacher to teacher, and parent to parent. Some kindergartens are very strict and adult controlled, and others are disorganized and anything goes. But in LM Whitefield, when done well, is a beautiful blend of freedom and structure. As always, if the Play-way method sparks your interest, I encourage you to contact us.

Geeta Bamzai

Founder & Principal, Little Millennium, Whitefield

Programs offered
Play Group ( 1. 5 - 2. 5 Years )

Children between the age group of 2 to 2.5 years are enrolled in Playgroup. We focus on the satisfaction of the children’s inquisitive minds through concept clarity. Therefore, all the activities have been designed to develop the social, cognitive, linguistic and physical skills in children.

Nursery ( 2. 5 - 3. 5 Years )

Children between the age group of 2.5 to 3.5 years are enrolled in Nursery. Our primary focus for nursery students is to ensure a smooth transition for only playing to studying as well. Therefore, all the activities have been designed to develop the reading, writing and logical skills of the children.

Lkg & Ukg ( 3. 5 - 4. 5 Years )

Our curriculum in the lkg&ukg class is an extension of our nursery program and is designed to give children a strong foundation in the skills and academic excellence that will be needed to enter regular school. It helps the child develop various physical, personal, social, emotional skills, literature and language skills.

School Features
World Class Curriculum
World Class Curriculum

Little Millennium’s award winning Seven Petal preschool curriculum aims at providing children with a solid academic foundation by implementing a multi-sensory integrated approach to education and learning. Our aim is to enable, energise and enhance childhood by fostering complete growth of mind, body and spirit. Experience your child’s all-round development at Little Millennium Preschool with our scientifically developed preschool curriculum.

Education Beyond Studying
Education Beyond Studying

We ensure that education goes beyond just the textbooks. Hence an environment is created where its conducive to learn, allowing the child the required space and time to interact with the learning and teaching process.

Preschool Activities
Preschool Activities

Early childhood development plays a crucial role in preparing your child for the struggles of life. Here all the preschool activities are focused on bringing out the best in your child, it consists of several fun-filled, entertaining and knowledgeable activities that promote all-round skills development while also maintaining the elements of joy, excitement, health, good values and interaction with one another.

Greatness Quotient
Greatness Quotient

Instilling21st century skills Little Millennium prepares preschool children for life outside the preschool by empowering them with life skills such as pre-reading, writing and math skills, as well as communication, collaborative social and listening skills. Essentially all the skills that preschool children need to succeed at the next phase of their education.

Seven Petal Curriculum
Seven Petal Curriculum

Little Millennium follows the Seven Petal curriculum, proprietary approach to early education, that focuses on the holistic development of a child on the basis of sequential learning and development milestones. This specially-designed curriculum helps measure and improve cognitive development, motor skills, language and socio-emotional skills while helping students build a solid academic foundation by adopting a multi-sensory integrated approach to education.

Safe And Secure Environment
Safe And Secure Environment

All the faculty members at Little Millennium follow strict safety and security policy which ensures all children feel safe and loved. CCTV surveillance, safety exits, first aid and on-call doctors, escort cards are all amenities that help maintain a safe and secure environment for the little ones. Each member of the staff is police verified and visitor access is strictly prohibited.

Joyful Parenting Programme
Joyful Parenting Programme

Joyful Parenting programme was created to engage and update parents in all matters related to their child’s upbringing. Through this programme, teachers conduct engaging sessions with parents to guide them on how to interact with preschool children effectively. These workshops also help parents tackle difficult behaviour and design activities through which children can learn through play.

Diligent Hygiene Practices
Diligent Hygiene Practices

Preschool children are encouraged to follow basic rules of hygiene such as hand washing and basic dental maintenance. All the toys are cleaned, sanitized and well maintained. Facilities such as bathrooms, kitchens, sleep and rest areas are regularly cleaned to make sure that children have a safe and hygienic learning environment.

Dedicated Teaching Faculty
Dedicated Teaching Faculty

The team at Little Millennium firmly believes that teachers can truly enrich a child’s preschool experience. Teachers here take the time to interact with each child individually to understand their likes and dislikes and create a personalised roadmap where children can learn at their own pace. Teachers at Little Millennium regularly attend workshops to learn about innovative methods to educate preschool children.

News & Events
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    AWARDS & RECOGNITION At Little Millennium, we believe in nurturing the steady growth & development of our young ones, while setting new milestones in the process. It is our thoughtful, result-driven approach to impart knowledge that sets us apart from competition. Little Millennium, has been recognised and awarded on several occasions for constant dedication and commitment to the field of education. Take a look at some of our notable achievements over the years: "Fastest Growing Preschool Chain In India" at International Education Awards by Times Cyber Media - 2018 "Best Preschool Chain of the Year" at Golden Star Awards by APS Research Media - 2018. "Top 100 Pre Schools of India Ranking Survey 2017", conducted by Digital Learning magazine. Little Millennium awarded as the "Best Preschool chain in India" by Merit Awards and Market Research, 2017 Little Millennium awarded as the "Best Preschool Franchisor in India" by Merit Awards and Market Research, 2017 Little Millennium awarded as the "Franchisor of the year Preschool/Playschool" at the North India Franchise Awards, 2017 Little Millennium awarded as “Top 100 Preschools of India” at the Brainfeed School Excellence Awards, 2016 Little Millennium awarded as the “Standalone Preschool of the Year” at the Indian Education Congress, 2016 Educomp awarded as the “Education Publisher of the Year” at the Indian Education Congress, 2015 Little Millennium awarded as the “Best Innovative Learning Tool” at the Indian Education Congress, 2015 Educomp awarded as the “Best Online Education Platform” at the Indian Education Congress, 2015 Educomp ranked “Top 100 Franchise Opportunities of the Year” by Franchise India, 2015 Little Millennium won “Concept of the Year Award - Business Innovation” for Kickers Club at the Franchise India Expo, 2014 Little Millennium recognized as the “Top 5 Most Promising Preschools” by Silicon India in 2014 “Innovation in Early Learning & Child Development” for Little Millennium at the Indian Education Awards (IEA), 2013 Educomp recognized as “India’s Fastest Growing Companies” by Business World in 2013 “Best Practices followed by a Preschool” for Story Yoga to Little Millennium by the Early Childhood Association, 2012 “Best Education Company to Work With” at the Indian Education Awards (IEA), 2012
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