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Rosemount International Preschool, Thubarahalli, Bengaluru

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Rosemount International School’s programs are grounded in a philosophy of instilling a life-long love of learning in every student and nurturing within every child a sense of self-esteem, personal integrity, and a respectful, caring attitude towards others. We implement a student centered approach to instruction following an inquiry-based and interdisciplinary curriculum. At Rosemount parents are considered to be a vital component of the whole partnership of school, child and family; and as such are encouraged to play an active role in both the school and their children’s learning and development. The programs on offer are world class and reflect quality teaching and learning, supported by quality staff. Additionally, all our programs are designed to emphasize the development of the whole person.At Rosemount we are international in the truest sense of the word, with our staff and students coming from over 30 different countries. Moreover our staff and the wider community proudly share and are committed to our vision of being a ‘true’ international school.Both Cheryl Young, Co-Founder, and I are immensely proud of our students, our program and the School. We trust when you visit Rosemount you will see why.
Rosemount International Preschool is one of the Best Play Schools in Thubarahalli. Rosemount International Preschool provides Top Notch Facilities which easily puts it in the Top Pre Schools in Thubarahalli and one of the Top Pre Schools in Bengaluru as well. The classrooms in Rosemount International Preschool, Thubarahalli are fully air-conditioned and designed with safety in mind. As Rosemount International Preschool is a Green School, natural lighting and ventilation have been taken into account.
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Programs offered
Preparatory (prep) School

The Prep classes are aimed at providing a happy and secure introduction to school life and learning. This first experience of school is fundamental in building a love of learning and an understanding that school is a happy, exciting place to be. For this reason Rosemount International School creates a safe, secure, happy environment with trained and experienced Early Childhood and Primary teachers. The Prep classes offer three levels: Prep1 - For children 2 + years. The minimum attendance requirement for this class is 3 mornings. Morning class operates from 9am to 12pm. The recommended attendance is 5 mornings (Mon-Fri, 9am to 12pm). Prep 2 - For children 3 + years. The minimum attendance requirement for this class is 5 mornings. Morning class operates from 9am to 12pm. The recommended attendance is 5 Full Days (Mon-Fri, 9am to 3pm). Prep 3 - For children 4 + years. The minimum attendance requirement for this class is 5 mornings and 3 afternoons. The recommended attendance is 5 Full Days (Mon-Fri, 9am to 3pm).

Junior School ​

GRADE 1 & GRADE 2 After the completion of three Prep years children are thoroughly prepared for the next phase of more formal education. Rosemount International School adopts an inquiry-based, integrated curriculum which focuses on the child as a learner. We recognize that children come to us as distinct individuals with unique experiences, backgrounds, abilities and interests. Our teachers promote cross cultural understanding, and differentiate instruction to meet students’ varying needs, abilities, and learning styles. We provide a balanced education program within a safe, stimulating environment so that each child can learn and grow to their greatest potential. Our curriculum framework has six core learning areas: 1.English 2.Mathematics 3.Science 4.Society and Environment 5.Creative Arts 6.Health, Physical Education and Personal Development. Our grade classes have two levels: Grade 1 - For children 5 + years. The mandatory attendance requirement for this class is 5 Full Days (Mon- Fri, 9am to 3pm). Grade 2 - For children 6 + years. The mandatory attendance requirement for this class is 5 Full Days (Mon- Fri, 9am to 3pm).


Playgroup is Rosemount International School's Parent & Child Program for enrolled students only, aged between 2 months to 2 years. For children, playgroup offers the chance to: - Develop their social skills. - Learn how to share and cooperate. - Participate in new experiences. - Develop their imagination. - Develop fine and gross motor skills. Each playgroup session is directed by a playgroup leader and has a set program of activities which includes art, craft, music, sensory play and interactive play. Toys that encourage the development of fine and gross motor skills are available as well as building activities and a dramatic play corner to encourage role play and imagination. For parents, playgroup provides an opportunity to: - Meet other families living in Singapore and develop new friendships. - Share experiences and ideas. - Relax and talk in a friendly environment. - Play with children and nurture a spirit of cooperation.

School Features
Child Security
Child Security

Parents get pick and drop verifications when the child is picked from or dropped at the home. Parents can easily track the location of the cab. Parents get instant notifications when the cab leaves/reaches the school. In case of delayed arrival or early departure, parents get instant notifications as soon as the child reaches/leaves the center.

Transport Facilities
Transport Facilities

At Rosemount International preschool we want your child to safely travel in the cabs to and fro between the school and home. In addition, we provide stress-free pickup notifications for all our children using the school transport. Cab services are available for upto 3-4 km's within the school radius.

Surveillance & Safety
Surveillance & Safety

At Rosemount, we understand that the security of your child is of utmost importance. Monitor your child through live CCTV feed in addition to which the In-Out times of the children is notified to the parents on the Parent Communication App.

News & Events
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    ROSEMOUNT'S LEARNER PROFILE Below are the qualities that we aim to foster in every Rosemount student. These traits are taught and modeled by our teachers and staff and are central to our evaluation of students’ progress. At Rosemount we want our children to be: 1.Caring individuals - to care for others and for their environment and be respectful of diversity. 2.Responsible for themselves and others and be confident to take action. 3.Great communicators and great listeners. 4.Prepared to take risks. 5.Courageous and confident. 6.Principled and act with respect for themselves and others. 7.Aware of and understanding of the world around them. 8.Well-informed and knowledgeable - to have a love of learning and be prepared to continue and be excited about the learning journey. 9. Consider and reflect upon all that they are confronted with.
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