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Sri Guruvandana Global Preschool, RR Nagar, Bengaluru

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About School
Sri Guruvandana Global Preschool is one of the best preschool in Raja Rajeshwari Nagar, parents from ideal homes twp area have consistently rated us as one of the best preschool in Raja Rajeshwari Nagar. “Children are our most valuable resource”, Pre-schooling plays a crucial role in laying a solid foundation for a child’s formal learning process. At Sri Guruvandana Global Preschool we blend our Indian culture along with science and technology. We offer engaging, interesting and stress-free experience which helps in shaping your child’s mental, social, creative, physical and cognitive skills. We recognise every child as unique individuals who are stepping stone towards creating a better world. We consider these little curious and interesting kids as sophisticated thinkers and communicators and help them share their thoughts and feelings by letting them experience different languages. We not only ensure your child’s safety but also create a really comfortable and awesome learning environment where childhood can be celebrated.
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Principal Message

We at Sri Guruvndana always believe in thematic and creative learning for kindergartens in preschool. At the same time we focus on things which will make the kids quick learners for life as well keep them connected to our roots and culture. Our Mission To deliver every unique child by fostering with our rich Indianness along with modernity that promotes science and technology that helps them grow in a vibrant and challenging environment through passion and a sense of responsibility. Our Vision To build a strong foundation and a nurturing ground for every child’s development and a learning experience, ready to take over the world and by keeping in mind the shared responsibility in helping them grow towards a successful next generation with utmost values and ethics.

Mrs. Renuka D

Principal, Sri Guruvandana Global Preschool

Programs offered
Playgroup (1. 8 - 2. 2 Years)

Children start to explore the world around them as soon as they are born. At Sri Guruvandana, the play group curriculum enables children to continue their exploration. Early experiences in the first few years of life are critical for acquisition of skills as maximum brain development happens during this period. The objective of the program is to train parents to help them foster their child’s development by learning and practicing child development through a scientific approach.

Nursery ( 2. 5 - 3. 0 Years )

Quality education in the early years of preschool sets a firm foundation in the overall development of a child. Our nursery curriculum provides a right array of activities to help children move towards achieving their early learning goals. In Nursery, children are engaged in school readiness activities such as reading, writing, counting, number recognition and problem-solving in a fun-filled but purposeful manner. Children are encouraged to corroborate their learning through collaborative activities in the areas of dramatics, science, and arts.

Lkg & Ukg ( 3. 5 - 5. 5 Years )

The transition from preschool to primary school is a crucial time of change for both children as well as their parents. Our curriculum ensures a smooth transition to formal schooling with meaningful and progressive learning experiences. In addition to age-appropriate activities in Kindergarten, which prepare a child for success in formal school; various other activities are conducted in the areas of language, numbers, general knowledge, music, art in a planned manner throughout the program

School Features
Outdoor Activities
Outdoor Activities

To meet the needs of all programs, many of the lessons also contain outdoor activities. While those are labeled outdoor activity center, the authors recognize that many programs take children outside in a large group. Unlike the other learning center experiences, the outdoor learning center activities are easily adapted for large- or small-group participation.

Child Friendly Infrastructure
Child Friendly Infrastructure

Our school is equipped with a well planned and engaging atmosphere where child meets and greets interactive infrastructure.

Nutritious Meal
Nutritious Meal

At Sri Guruvandana we understand the importance of complete diet for kindergarten so our preschool takes in complete responsibility as to provide children with a healthy and nutritionist diet.

Our Ratings
3 out of 5
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