Unit: Patterns in Maple Bear Canadian Preschool, JP Nagar 6P

Children learnt to create ab,ab or abc,abc patterns using different materials. While doing so they also learnt to create the pattern from left to right to inform how text is read and written
Unit: Patterns-1
Unit: Patterns-2
Unit: Patterns-3
Unit: Patterns-4
Unit: Patterns-5
Unit: Patterns-6
Unit: Patterns-7
Unit: Patterns-8
Unit: Patterns-9
Unit: Patterns-10
Unit: Patterns-11
Unit: Patterns-12
Unit: Patterns-13
Unit: Patterns-14
Unit: Patterns-15
Unit: Patterns-16
Unit: Patterns-17
Unit: Patterns-18
Unit: Patterns-19
Unit: Patterns-20
Unit: Patterns-21
Unit: Patterns-22
Unit: Patterns-23
Unit: Patterns-24
Unit: Patterns-25
Unit: Patterns-26
Unit: Patterns-27