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Kidzville International Preschool, Jayanagar, Bengaluru

icon 890, 20th Main Rd, 4th T Block East, Jayanagara 9th Block, Jayanagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560041
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About School
Kidzville International Preschool is a school that welcomes children of all backgrounds and nationalities. Our school provides a platform where children are encouraged to tap their full potentials allowing them to experience the best possible head start in life. All our teachers are selected through a rigorous recruitment process and are given an extensive teaching-training program because we believe all children deserve the best. We make sure that each of our teaching staff has love for children,passion to teach,learn and grow together with each individual child.There will also be regular training arranged for our teachers to better their teaching skills, so as to upkeep our promise to you as providing the best education and learning experience for our child.
The development of the human brain is the most rapid, in the first eight years of life. Our staff, having been trained and tested in the intricacies of child development are more than capable of taking the responsibility of providing the best nourishment for the child’s mental and physical growth, hence laying a fertile foundation for great possibilities in the future. We also ensure that our children imbibe the correct values and cultivate a good morale because a man’s ethics is only ultimately born out of the observations that he made as a child. Most importantly, we consider every child’s emotional fulfillment of primary significance to us because after all, the child is the utmost priority.
Mankind has devised methods to look beyond the stars,But we’ll have to go an extra mile to look into children. This belief has driven us to extract the essence of some age old scientifically recommended methods of education and collaborate them with the new age child development techniques to forgot the ideal environment for a child’s growth. KVI has also acknowledged the growing importance of technology in the present day, by introducing technology in the daily activities of children. The use of smart boards, interactive books and technically equipped infrastructure strives to unravel the tech savvy in our children, which will undoubtedly give them an early advantage in a world wrapping itself around technology.
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School Features
World Class Curriculum
World Class Curriculum

Thematic learning & Creative exploration with qualified & trained teachers. Electronic media aided learning. Indoor/outdoor learning activities. Various activities like- Dancing, Art Classes, Sports, etc after classes.

Quality Care & Meals
Quality Care & Meals

We understand the nutritional requirements of your child. We provide quality meals through the day ensuring that your child is well fed.

Our Ratings
3 out of 5
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