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Clenodium Preschool, Horamavu, Bengaluru

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About School
Clenodium norms and culture : Our Environment : Clenodium creates a safe, secure and nurtured environment for all children. The positive interaction and rapport with teachers encourage children to show their talents. Our extensive 4500sqft area makes space as a blessing for Clenodium , and not a constraint. Our partially zone wise air conditioned premises keeps the environment very receptive. Mentor Child Ratio : Mentor student ratio of 1:8, with dedicated auxilio in each classroom. Empowered Curriculum : Curriculum is totally crafted on child pedagogy and powered by My Pedia by Pearson to give all the children an exorbitant exposure to various facets of knowledge and skills. Integration of modern teaching methodology adds up to the fervor of our exclusive curriculum. Experiential Learning : We ensure to provide effective learning by amalgamating curriculum with outdoor trips, story narration through our exclusive flashcards, smart boards to cater to all the styles of learning. Trained staff : We have a management of strong academic background and Mentors, Facilitators and Auxilio for effective learning and coordination. Our staff will go an extra mile ahead to make every child’s journey towards excellence more easy. Food and Health : Clenodium is powered by Monkeybox to provide healthy and nutritious breakfast, lunch and snacks options to children. The food served are nuts free, no MSG, additives and colours. Food options are very affordable with a wide range of bi-weekly menu. Physical activities : Clenodium stresses on physical activities being an integral part of our system. Our exquisite outdoor and indoor play zones help children to come out with their potential, inspiring them to learn through fun. Management : The management of Clenodium focuses on strong system and processes, making us more approachable towards parents. We provide a healthy working culture to all team workers and create a beautiful learning and working environment. RFID cards help in easy tracking of your children.
Programs offered
Daycare- Garnet

Day care : GARNET (Age group: from 1.5 years) Full time auxilio and facilitators assist all our children of daycare. Daycare GARNET spans its service from age group 1.5yrs to after schoolers. All toys and equipment used are child friendly and non-toxic. The facilitators give extra attention to make your child comfortable and develop their social skills. Our GARNET is unique daycare with curriculum that makes young children fast learner with progress of time and keeps them engage positively. GARNET also extends help to all the after schoolers in their academics.


Play school : MARGARITA (Age group: 1.8 to 2.8 years) This segment involves children who have entered into a world of change and dynamic challenges. Our MARGARITA program emphasizes on developing their linguistic, verbal, audio and social skills. The Mentors focus on each child and help in individual growth along with their peer members. MARGARITA Daily Schedule : 1. Attendance 2. Communication module 3. Story telling 4. Informative and conceptual corner 5. Playzone 6. Story time/ Puppet show

Nursery- Reuben

Nursery : REUBEN (Age group: 2.8 to 3.8 years) Mentors of REUBEN work on cognitive and affective skills required for successful function of society that education is designed to promote. The aspect of Pedagogy is emphasized on which refers to the role that teachers in early childhood settings play through their expectations and their teaching strategies. The Montessori methodology integration promotes children’s active, independent observation and exploration of concrete materials to develop concept and skills. REUBEN Daily Schedule : 1. Attendance 2. Communication module 3. Story telling 4. Concept – English/ Math/ EVS 5. Informative and conceptual corner 6. Playzone 7. Story time/ Puppet show

Junior Kg- Sapphirus

Junior KG : SAPPHIRUS (Age group: 3.8 to 4.8 years) Our mentors of SAPPHIRUS focus on three basic components: 1. Curriculum 2. Methodology of Lesson delivery 3. Techniques for socializing with children. Our rich curriculum offers children active engagement in planning their learning, as well as opportunity to enhance language and develop concept. Our LE’s (Learning experiences) make the children imbibe the concept with greater longevity. SAPPHIRUS Daily Schedule : 1. Attendance 2. Communication module 3. Story telling 4. Concept – English/ Math/ EVS 5. Informative and conceptual corner 6. Playzone Story time/ Puppet show/ Mont lab.

Senior Kg : Adamentum

Senior KG : ADAMENTUM (Age group: 4.8 to 5.8 years) Our ADAMENTUM segment mentors address to five dimension of readiness: 1. Physical wellbeing and motor development 2. Language development 3. Social and emotional development 4. Approaches to learning 5. Knowledge acquisition The teaching strategy used in implementing the curriculum are the arranged interactions of people and materials planned and used by mentors. Mentors focus on reasoning, number sense, orientation in time and space, scientific reasoning, and the physical world of music and visual arts. ADAMENTUM Daily Schedule : 1. Attendance 2. Communication module 3. Story telling Concept – English/ Math/ EVS/ 2nd LAN (Hindi or Kannada) 4. Informative and conceptual corner 5. Playzone Story time/ Puppet show/ Mont lab. After completion of ADAMENTUM, our children are fully equipped to confidently take up any stream of education (CISCE, CBSE, IB, IG or STATE)

Activity Centre : Ametio

Activity centre : AMETIO (Age group: 3 to 16 years) CLENODIUM offers the following activities after school hours: 1. Taekwondo 2. Dance 3. Art and craft 4. Yoga 5. Music 6. Abacus 7. Organic farming 8. Calligraphy 9. Robotics And much more….. These activities are scheduled as stated below: Weekdays (4 PM – 6:30 PM) Saturday (9AM – 6:30 PM) We also give subject wise academic support to students from Grade 5 to 10 by experiences teachers who have been working in the education industry for minimum of 06 years.

School Features

24 hrs CCTV surveillance for safety and effective supervision. Live camera access to parents for day care zones.


Exclusive and extensive outdoor and indoor play area.


Training classes in Taekwondo, dance, music, yoga, art and craft, organic farming, calligraphy and much more. Clean and hygienic environment. Trained mentors, auxilio and facilitators. Personalised care in our day care –GARNET. Extended day care for working professionals.

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