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Red Bridge International, Bellandur, Bengaluru

icon 161/2, 1st floor, Above Apollo Pharmacy,, Green Glen Layout Before Sobha Mayflower Aparment
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A child can realize his complete potential only if parents are actively involved in his/her education process. At RedBridge we believe that parents are an integral part of the system and we involve them in school activities on a regular basis. Parents are informed about the happenings at RedBridge, through informative News letters, School diaries and Regular PT meetings.Parents are our partners in our journey as care givers. This gives parents a clear picture of what their child has learnt in school and the fun sessions that he/she has participated in. Parent-teacher sessions where there is a useful sharing of information on the childs progress and also informal sessions helps parents participate in various delightful activities with the children, actively participating in their development.
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