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Red Cherries A Narayanpura, A Narayanpura, Bengaluru

icon #71, Thrikarthika, 1st Main, A cross, Giddamma Layout, A Narayanapura, Mahadevapura
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A new venture with a team of experienced and enthusiastic trainers in the field of Early Childhood Education and amongest the best school in A Narayanpura. We are ready to open our wings and fly higher with new thoughts and values to celebrate education to the new generation and establish trust with the parents. We are constantly churning the wheels to invent, learn and impart the best education, values and culture with a DIFFERENCE! Red Cherries has risen the ranks to have risen amongst the Best Preschools in Narayanpura. We believe in providing Top Notch Early Childhood Education Services to preschoolers and daycare children alike. The best is not what we see - the best is what we can do and higher than is what we think we are capable of. At Red Cherries, children experience an enriched Montessori approach under the guidance of experienced and passionate teachers. The program is individualized, recognizing each child's unique pattern of growth, talent and need. Red Cherries will operate with the principles, objectives and methods laid down by the late Dr. Maria Montessori, the originator of the Montessori school of thought. At Red Cherries, teachers help children acquire the attitudes, skills, and habits necessary for them to function as creative members of a democratic society. Students are provided a stable and secure environment in which to learn and grow. We utilize children's natural curiosity to help them discover the joy of learning. Our children develop inner-discipline, that is to say, to develop control over their own behavior. Our teachers help children become mature, self-reliant, and responsible individuals.
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Programs offered
Nursery 3 -4 Years

Nursery age is a stage where we mould a child from different backgrounds into a future social being. The child develops cognitive skills, learns to use its sensory skills and also communicates with the outer world. They are trained to become independent in terms of their personal care, eating, sleeping and so on.

Toddlers 1. 5 - 3 Years

Toddling is a stage of kids from infancy to childhood which is an important transformation. It’s the first step in school where the child learns to move around independently, express its needs and learns sharing, caring and many more things. The child learns to adjust to a second home at our school.

Lkg 4 - 5 Years & Ukg 5 - 6 Years

The lower Kg program is designed to trigger the young brains for their mathematical and scientific skills. The child enters in to the realm of speech and communication. In the Upper Kg, the child becomes responsible for their behaviour and mannerisms. Apart from Academic skills, they are prepped up to gain access to the social world.

School Features

Red Cherries offers well researched programs that will prepare the child for regular school and provide a good foundation for his future. These programs introduce the child to the joy of learning in the initial years of the child's life and will help in all-round growth and plays a vital role in shaping a better personality. Curriculum like- Expressive & Receptive Language, Approach to Learning & Cognition etc.

Surveillance & Safety
Surveillance & Safety

At Red Cherries Montessori House, security of your child is of utmost importance. The In-Out times of the children are notified to the parents on the Mobile App. And also get all the information about the kids on your finger tip.

Top Notch Curriculum
Top Notch Curriculum

We don’t Consider- but we know that every child is unique, smart and talented in their own way. Our philosophy is not to impart education alone- but to make education a fun way to learn and help these new saplings to adapt and WIN in any given situation through proper application of knowledge.

News & Events
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    Janmashtami Celebration Krishna Janmashtami is a Hindu festival it's celebrated the birth of Lord Krishna in their school and society.kids are dressed up like Krishna and Radha, Balram, Yashoda take part in the celebration of the religious festival Janmashtami. The day is celebrated with great zeal and devotion. Childhood is a Journey...not a Race. Allow your child time to explore, to play, to learn.
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