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Saanvi Chota Champs Gurukulum, Belgaum, Belgaum

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About School
Saanvi Chota Champs Gurukulum A team of Business partners came forward to contribute something constructive and positive that can mould positive minds of future. Mr.Harshavardhan being young and energetic member of panel conceptulised the idea of putting up a school to facilitate the locals. This is how Saanvi Education and Rural Develoment Society came in existence and a pre school under the name and Style Saanvi Chota Champs was put to service on Apr 30, 2017. Saanvi Chota Champs is a franchisee partner with famoud rishi Prabhakar Guruji's Gurukulum Concept based in Kondajji of Davangere District. In its first year of operations Saanvi Chota Champs has enrolled 32 kids to give a kick start to its endeavour of imparting quality holistic education.
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Principal Message

Mr. Harshavardhan is a young aspiring entrepreneur with a vision to Contribute something Constructive to the Society. Born in 1985 and Bought up in Savadatti, He is married to Mrs Soujanya who is actively halping him in development of School as a Teacher. Harshavardhan ignited this idea amongst the business group to put up a school to aid local quality education and thus Saanvi Education and Rural Development Society came in Existence in year 2017 on May 31. Saanvi Chota Champs - a partner School of famous Rishi Gurukulum Society run at Kondajji of Davangere is actively involved in teaching now with 32 kids.

Harshavardhan R Namboodiri

Principal, Saanvi Chota Champs Gurukulum

Programs offered
Chota Champs - Nursery

Eligibility Age Criteria Nursery - 2 years 10 Months & Above

Champs - K'gians

Eligibility Age Criteria LKG - 3 years 10 Months and above UKG - 4 Years 10 Months & above

Champ - One's ( Std 1)

Eligibilty Age Criteria 5 years 10 Months and above

School Features
Children Play Area
Children Play Area

Meshed and Matted Safe Play Area

School van
School van

Stress Free Pickup & Drop Verification and Tracking Facility for School Van

Child Security School App
Child Security School App

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