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Welcome to Shri Krishna Sr. Sec. School, Mahendergarh, a School of Excellent Learning and Culture Shri Krishna Sr. Sec. School, Mahendergarh offers complete learning solution to its students. The school has established itself as one of the Top CBSE School in Mahendergarh by following micro-scheduling that enables every student to prepare according to the integrated CBSE Syllabus. Shri Krishna Sr. Sec. school is one of the Best Co-Ed Day Boarding School that follows the best teaching methodologies that help students to reach their ultimate goal. Over the years, the students of one of the Best CBSE School have performed well in JEE, NEET and other national level examination. Not only education, but we also look after 360-degree well-being for every student that aids in overall mental health and preparation for academic goals. That’s why we also include sports and other extra-curriculum activities. Shri Krishna Sr. Sec. school is dedicated to teaching children. We have specially trained teachers who can help your child in developing and exploring tender minds. In the pre-primary unit, our main aim is to nurture the mind of children with proved and developed physical, cerebral, and social skill sets. Your child is set to make a flawless transition for proliferating in schooling with our education environment. We believe that quality early education in childhood can inculcate the habit of being a lifelong dedicated learner. We have trained our teachers to teach and care for your child in the best possible way as we believe Pre-primary and primary education is the most important foundation in the path of career building. That's the main reason you should enroll your child in our child centric education. Go to our website as Admission Open For Nursery now. We always maintain some specialty while providing education. These are as follows. Maintain a futuristic approach while synthesizing with the latest education system. With our latest technology-enabled teaching methods, the learning processes become enjoyable. Encourage students to think critically and independently. Our teachers look after every student and provide private counseling to every student who is experiencing difficulties in learning. Not only academic, but we also aim to build overall wellness. Our teachers encourage critical and rational thinking. We always try our best to provide all the positive aspects of traditional and modernism. We offer education with top quality science and computer laboratories. Our own safest and secure school transport system provides pick and drop facilities in every location of 40 K.M. from the school. We always strive to provide quality education in the best possible way for every student. Effective school leadership Strong leadership from Shri Krishna sr. sec. school’s principal and education committee members improve student performance. These effective leaders clearly communicate about their mission, goals, and visions with teachers to improve the skills of students, participate in research and problem-solving. We always keep high expectations for every student that have a positive effect on student achievement. We also design learning programs for students to develop their confidence and self-esteem. These seminars/learning programs also help in career building and later periods of their life. All of our teachers have a high level of effectiveness that helps in the study at more than the expected level. Especially when teacher evaluation and professional development aim to improve the quality of education, the efforts of students get shaped in the best possible ways. Our successful school leaders and teachers also help in setting goals in advance and effectively communicate them to help in constructing the learning abilities according to that way. School leaders are also open-minded and seek innovation in learning and practice. Therefore, when setting school goals, we seek feedback from everyone involved including parents and students. In other words, Student performance and effort from the entire school community works towards goals communicated with all those involved in the learning environment and the factor helped us to rank in top 10 cbse schools in Haryana. High levels of collaboration and communication Another reason for our success is setting up a school within a school i.e. making different sections based on career goals. This dividing has permanent and measurable benefits for the students. It also helps to divide students into a smaller group of students and gives them more individual attention to their problems and challenges. It is also beneficial for teachers who can pay more attention to them. For example, students who want to be a doctor, and students who want to study engineering or applied physics have very different needs. Parental trust and involvement are also a critical factor in the success of our school. We believe, the trust of all involved in the school community is vital to the effectiveness of the school as it supports the hope of parents and teachers. Go to our website as admission open at the cbse school in Haryana now.
VISION AND MISSION To impart “Value - based Education” through thoughtfully designed educational programmes, cultural and co-curricular activities, games and sports. To activate academic excellence through a team of dedicated teachers with illustrous background. To inculcate a deep sense of self-discipline among the students. To provide to the country, a fine generation enriched in excellent qualities of character, a nationalistic outlook and a contributing member of the society. “To develop ALL ROUND PERSONALITY of students by making them not only excellent professionals but also good individuals with understanding and regard for human values, pride in their heritage and culture, a sense of right and wrong, a yearning for perfection and a thirst for knowledge.”
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Principal Message

SKS School is characterized by a powerful collaborative and professional culture which makes our school as one of the best schools in Mahendergarh. As we are committed to create future leaders with the firm belief that that dreams can be transformed into reality, hence we encourage our students to believe in vision, trust, teamwork and the power of relationship. The environment is meticulously nurtured which enables and encourages new ideas to flourish, which are required to excel in this informative globalized world. SKS aims to provide a challenging and supportive environment for the best possible programs of academic and personal development through integrated studies and hands on participation in order to inspire the love of learning and accomplishment. The learning model of school is based on the use of latest technology in the classrooms and extensive use of visual learning throughout the curriculum. Smart classrooms and interactive boards, modern science and computer labs with internet broadband- connectivity and Wi-Fi facility, language lab, digital and conventional library, auditorium, amphitheatre and performing art rooms, fine arts and craft centers, multiple studios for Western and Indian dance and music and other facilities are meant to empower our students with precision and competency. In the end, I assure you that we exploit all our capabilities to the fullest extent to bring out the best from the students and thus paving the path for their holistic development. They are made good human beings by all means to render their excellent services to all segments of the society & to the world at large

Virender Singh

Principal, Shri Krishna Sr.Sec.School

School Features
Digital Class Room With Power Back up
Digital Class Room With Power Back up

Young adolescents are at the perfect age to be engaged in and excited by the interactive nature of digital classroom. The Digital classroom is equipped with a robust infrastructure that helps the school and students to stand globally competent with the help of state-of-the-art technology bringing the future education in more simple and interesting. It covers the complete curriculum according to the prescribed standards. It is backed by a dedicated support services framework. A detailed training program for students as well as teachers ensures that they are always ready to show their talent with the help of platform provided to them. Not only the technology has improved the instructional practices of our teachers, it has also further engaged our students in the learning process. An education facility power failure can delay education impact school schedules, lose data, damage equipment, lose money, and more. Keeping in view all this, the power backup is an absolute necessity. The schools phone system, computer networks and classroom, and emergency lighting, our school gives the facility of a backup generator in case of a power failure. With a big enough and sufficient standby generator, the system of school can continue to work. These capabilities allow a school to work without any obstacle until normal power in restored. The power backup is well capable of keeping the school fully powered which has the potential to help the school stay in session until the end of the regularly scheduled day. It is very important in today’s era that educational institutes keep running 24/7. Many of the department in our school like IT department, music room, computer lab etc are always in need of continuous supply.

Science Lab & Computer Lab
Science Lab & Computer Lab

The school has distinct and separate science laboratories for practical sessions in Physics, Chemistry, Home Science, and Biology in accordance with the desired curriculum. The laboratories are spacious and offer modern and excellent equipment where our students are encouraged to use their analytical and creative skills through research and experimentation. And also Our school has two computer laboratories with 40 computers in each lab which are easily accessible to all the students. These labs are having advanced infrastructure in terms of hardware and software which cater to the requirements of the students, teachers and the curriculum. The school is equipped with a dedicated leased line internet connection for enterprising students and helps them to get a chance to be familiar with the internet. Qualified committed teachers are appointed to teach different classes at different levels. The information technology curriculum has been planned in such a way that the students will get exposure to various technologies and software.

Hostel & Transportation
Hostel & Transportation

The hostel is truly a model for nurturing a sound body and steady mind for the students. The hostel has an airy and versatile dining hall which caters to all the food and nutritional requirement of the students. The menu for all meal sessions is changed regularity to proved variety and wholesome nourishment. Regarding the medical facilities, the health of the children is adequately watched over in the hostel. Selected hospitals, which are located in the vicinity, are extended to the inmates of the hostel whenever necessary. An audio-visual parlour to provide wholesome entertainment on weekend and on the other special occasions. Apart from this, the hostel has ample facilities to pursue the interest of students in painting, drawing, indoor games like chess, carom etc. Hostel facility is available only for the students of class 3rd to 12th. Separate hostel facility is available for boys and girls with all amenities. we also provide transportation as we believe School transport is the safest and secured means of vehicle carrying students from home to school and vice-versa. Students coming by private vehicles are always on risk and the school is far away from taking such type of risks. Our school has a big fleet of more than 57 buses running up radius of 50 Km. The bus facility has been given to both the students as well teachers from all the nearby cities and town. Only the experienced and skilled drivers who fulfill all the terms and conditions of the state government are appointed for the school buses.

News & Events
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    Top Notch Performances by Shri Krishna Sr.Sec.School We would like to mention that with the help of hard working faculty members and good infrastructure our school is able to achieve this result. Record breaking performaces are given by the children ,which makes our school one of the Top Notch school in Mahendergar area. we have district level toppers and south haryana toppers with us. #Bestschoolinmahendergar#Recordbreakingresults#oneofthetop10schoolsinmahendergarh#shabashsksians#districttopper#Southharyanatopper#shrikrishnasrsecschool#mahendergar#
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    Top Notch Performances by Shri Krishna Sr.Sec.School achieved in sports Children at shri Krishna sr.sec.school not only excel in studies but are an all rounder as we understand how sports create discipline among children. Look at some of the brilliant performances achieved by the school .1st Position in boxing under-17 state level. .2nd position in chess(U14,boys-state level) . Boxing Sub junior - Dist First Girls . Boxing Sub Junior - Distt. First . Cricket Girls U14 - Block First . Cricket_U-19 - Block 1st Girls . Football_U14 - Block First . Hockey_U17 - Block First . State and National Level Boxing Championship vel Name Medal State Sumit Gold National Jyoti Bronze . 96 Students Selected for State Level Khel Mahakumbh 2016-17 . Dist. Level Vollyball Under 17 and Under 19 (2016-17)- 1st Position . Dist. Level Chess Competition (2016-17)- 1st Position #Bestschoolinmahendergar#Recordbreakingresults#oneofthetop10schoolsinmahendergarh#shabashsksians#districttopper#Southharyanatopper#shrikrishnasrsecschool#mahendergar
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    OTHER COMPETITIONS Region Level GK Quiz - 2nd Position (Held in DPS Mahendergarh) Gujarat, Rajasthan and Haryana Regional Science Techno Fair Organized by Science and Technology Foundation,APJ Abdul Kalam National Council of Young Scientist, Shree krishan Bal Niketan Sen. Sec. School,Deh Nagaur, Rajasthan,Future Innovation Foundation, Astronomy Science Club (Nagaur) Sr. No Class Name Father's Name Medal 1 IX Yash Kumar Satish Gold, Bronze 2 IX Lokesh Yash Gold 3 IX Muskan Bhala Ram Silver 4 IX Bhawana Narender Silver 5 IX Ritu Manoj Silver 6 X Neeraj Satyabeer Silver 7 X Vishal Jugal Kishore Silver 8 X Shiksha Anil Silver 9 X Nikita Rajesh Silver 10 X Anshu Surender Silver 11 IX Sanju Satish Bronze 12 IX Anshul Sunil Bronze 13 IX Shiva Bhupender Bronze 14 IX Muskan Ashok Bronze 15 IX Khushboo Sunil Bronze 16 IX Palak Sandeep Bronze 17 IX Dikshit Sumar Bronze 18 X Abhinav Veerbhan Bronze National Level Science Quiz 2017 - Overall Champion
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