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Shri Ram Global Pre School Gurugram, Sector 9A, Gurugram

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About School
Shri Ram Global Preschool, Gurugram is one of the best Preschool Parents of Gurugram has consistently rated good ratings and review for this branch. Our Vission Shri Ram Global Pre-School is committed to creating the best multisensory learning environment that will guide a child’s transition from home to school and community and thus lay the foundation for lifelong success. Our Mission To create a highly-skilled and caring team that respects the unique nature of the child and seeks to make its welfare central to its philosophy. To create a collaborative environment with our pupils’ families, and through this partnership, nurture their abilities to achieve their highest potential. To ensure that a well-balanced, developmentally-appropriate curriculum and infrastructure creates opportunities for intellectual and social development, creativity and physical growth. To promote a joyful, positive and vibrant classroom climate that encourages active explorations of the nature of the world without fear. To foster the ability in preschoolers to be curious, to think, to choose and take the path of integrity.
Philosophy At Shri Ram Global Pre-school, we consistently and lovingly provide an active environment for learning. Our caregivers are also home-makers, providing first for our children’s physical needs for bodily care, rest, movement, and safety and their social and emotional needs for security and companionship. In a world of Pre-Schools where teaching skills to children is the primary aim of curriculum, SRGPS has delved deep into a child’s psyche, researched and built on modern educational ideas before formulating our own approach. That is why we believe that acquiring skills is not enough. A child with the right foundation can face any challenge, acquire any skill, achieve his/her potential, in short become an individual to be reckoned with. We believe that when schools successfully foster pupils’ self-awareness and understanding of the world around them and spiritual questions and issues, they will be developing a set of values, principles and beliefs to inform their perspective on life and their behaviour. It can give pupils the sense of identity and self-worth which enables them to value others. This philosophy is enunciated in our 7 C’s approach. We recognize that each child is a product of his own culture and SRGPS inculcates respect for the home culture of the child by introducing cultural media such as music, drama and art, while introducing them to valuable ideas such as citizenship and responsibility.
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Principal Message

The Shri Ram name has been synonymous with excellence in education for almost a century. The Shri Ram family has created, supported and managed some of the country‘s finest educational institutions, among them the Shri Ram Collage ranked by an Indian. Today Survey as the country's top colleges in Commerce and Arts respectively. Shri Ram Global School is an institution conceived to impart the best in education coupled with development of values and personality traits that breed achievers. Our Pedagogy, curriculum and infrastructure are carefully designed to develop thinking skills such as logic, reasoning and creativity in all our children while they retain the simple joy of coming to school every day. The first establishment of Shri Ram Global School opened its doors at Gurgaon in early 2012. In its very first year of operation, Shri Ram Global School had the honor of receiving three coveted award: the “Best School in Gurgaon” Award the ‘Best Innovation in School' Award, and in April, 2013 the ASSOCHAM Education Excellence Award for the Best School. This is testimony to the competence and commitment at the Shri Ram Global School to nurture excellence in your child’s sensitive foundation years and bring out the very best in your child.

Yashasvi Jain

Principal, Shri Ram Global Pre School Gurugram

Programs offered
Caterpillar (1. 8 – 2. 3 Years)

This program at SRGPS is meant for the children between the age group of 1.7 years to 2 years, at this age Communication and language development are the prime focus that are taken care of the children are given enough exposure to express themselves confidently. They are encouraged to explore the various material available in their discovery zone. Activities at this age are aimed at improving their gross and fine motor skills. You won't need to worry about what your child should be learning – We do that for you!

Butterfly (2. 3 – 3 Years)

This program is meant for the age group of 2. 3-3yeras of age. The significance of this program is drawn from its name. Butterflies are known to be social beings who are extremely intelligent though they may seen deceptively easy going. The energy they display can surprise anyone. Butterfly usual day starts with circle time and involvement in activities based on the thematic curriculum. Every month they enjoy show and tell activity and role play which boosts up their creativity.

Eyfs 1&2 (3, 4;+year)

This program at SRGPS is meant for the children between the age group of 3 years to 4 years. EYFS-II AT SRGPS : The basic step to education is the nursery class where a child starts writing. We help growing toddler needs to complete his early education with an ease and clear concepts. Owning to the fact that our little SRGPS kids can surprise us almost everyday by displaying their newly discovered skills, be it sequential thinking, communication skills, prenumber and prewriting skills, appreciation of creative arts and confidence building.

School Features
Cctv Surveillance
Cctv Surveillance

A team of trained teachers ensure safety of your child. We ensure your child is safe and secure covered with all activities under cctv camera. Parents can a look over camera footage to keep in track of record about their child throughout working hours of school.

Healthy Meals
Healthy Meals

Shri Ram Global Pre School follows strict hygiene standards. Our school maintain high level of cleanliness. Every center follows standard protocols to ensure the cleanliness of the place and objects. A dedicated dining hall provides an opportunity for children of various sections to interact with each other while they enjoy a meal together.

Doctors/councilors On Board.
Doctors/councilors On Board.

At Shri Ram Global Preschool, Gurugram we make sure your child is under safe and healthy environment by consulting concerned doctors and councilors in school campus.

News & Events
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    𝐇𝐀𝐏𝐏𝐘 𝐁𝐀𝐈𝐒𝐀𝐊𝐇𝐈 . On this Baisakhi, let us pray it will be a year with new peace, new happiness, and an abundance of new friends. May God bless you throughout the coming season.
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    𝐀𝐌𝐁𝐄𝐃𝐊𝐀𝐑 𝐉𝐀𝐘𝐀𝐍𝐓𝐈 This Ambedkar Jayanti, let’s pledge to stand against discrimination and fight inequality.
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