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Kinder plume preschool, Sector 55, Gurugram

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Kinder Plume is a growing chain of preschools which are on the cutting edge of child friendly learning. We ensure that children find it possible to obtain a tolerant, liberal environment with the freedom of expression and mind that turally comes to them. Learning objectives are designed within a supportive and stress – free environment. Kinder Plume inculcates overall development and self assurance within an encouraging, supportive environment of academic learning and co-curricular activities.Kinder Plume is the brainchild of Divya J Bawa. She is a trained Montessorian and has behind her valuable teaching experience in early childhood education and has worked in reputed institutions like The Shriram School. Divya writes poetry for children and has authored a book ‘ The adventures of Chiya the yellow birdy’ for the Kinder Plume play school.
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