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The Cradle'S Yalikids Schoolhouse, Sector 54, Gurugram

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Yali Kids Schoolhouse, previously called The Cradle PreSchool & DayCare, stands for the security and love only a mother can offer. A bond thicker than blood. A place safer than home.Yali, is a mythological creature from Hindu symbology with the head of an elephant and body of a lion. A symbolic reference to the ride of god Buddh (or goddess Buddhi) - denoting the agility and ferocity of a lion controlled by the wisdom and kind-natured mind of an elephant.The place is enriched with not only affectionate caregivers, but also lots of toys & equipment. We provide the necessary support for children to explore their talents and interests. There is a clear focus on developmental milestones, as well as sensorial activities, so that they can be the best of what they want to be!
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