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Mother’s Jewels is a pioneering initiative to provide excellence in Early Childhood Education through “play and activity approach” to ensure a solid foundation for every child’s initial formative years which will eventually form the basis for their lifelong journey. Our strong belief lies in the fact that children learn best through play, play is the vehicle that drives every child's learning, and our “Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum” is based on the multiple intelligence approach which emphasizes learning through play and activity. We have a wonderful playschool, filled with many exciting and innovative activities/programs for the toddlers. The School is designed to be spacious, airy, colourful and well equipped with the educational/playful facilities. A variety of Brain Storming toys and materials to eye level shelves motivate the children to use them. At Mother’s Jewels, we aim at development of Child’s overall personality through: 1. Learning in a safe & stimulating environment 2. Help in making the child self-reliant by developing in them basic skills necessary for their personal hygiene such as dressing, eating, cleaning and toilet training etc. 3. An integrated approach to learning by linking concepts with art & craft, music & movement and with various physical fitness activities 4. Develops educational preparedness for future schooling 5. Develops learning through senses by involving the child in activities where they need to use different senses It is our constant endeavour to make your child’s initial formative years memorable, by acting as a support system that will shoulder the responsibility with parents in making their wards develop a genuine love for lifelong learning, during their formative years. We shall feel privilege to help you in laying strong foundation at the first step of your child’s future. We aim to meet your vision and provide the best early educational environment. So, to give your child the best start in life and to bestow him/her with an ideal platform for his/her later success in life, enroll your child now at Mother’s Jewels.
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