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Little Columbus Nursery School, Sector 15A, Faridabad

icon Plot No.155, Urban Estate, Sector 15A, Faridabad, Haryana
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The Columbian land is a world of exploration, fun and learning where the layout and settings appeal to both big and small. The school has been nurtured from a sapling to full grown Oak tree. Right from the stage of fallow ground and plantation of seed, followed with constant care and hard labor, in season and out of season, we are now reaping a rich harvest of conviction, progression and production of the highest quality of education for the children of the 21st century with a renewed challenge…. There are some memories we all cherish, the experience at Little Columbus will definitely be one without a blemish. Since its inception in 1990 the school started with a few tiny-tots with 2 teachers along with Madam Shirley who had many years of experience with St. Josephs and Apeejay School. Due to her total dedication and hard work there was an overwhelming response of the parents and she opened another branch in Sec-17 in 1992. By then there were around 300 students enrolled which gave rise to a cherished desire to have a registered school building. With great zeal and determination her efforts bore fruit and a society was formed in the name of Infant Jesus Social Welfare Society (Regd) and was favored by the sanction of a plot of land in sector15-A by the authorities of HUDA. With this milestone achieved and by the Grace of God, Little Columbus never looked back. The brand new building was inaugurated on 5-7-1996 and has progressed at a really fast pace. Every aspect of development of the child was taken into consideration, both academically and environmentally, new plans and ideas were implemented without delay. The Façade of Little Columbus School took a radical change with an environment of unique authenticity both in flora and fauna – all set in an eco friendly atmosphere. Little Columbus is now a great attraction in the city and several parents and children from other schools visit the unique premises. Understanding the true concept and the sensitivity involved in interacting and motivating a child to grow, gave us the real inspiration to volunteer to provide a better nursery, pre-nursery or a playschool environment for children. Childhood and adolescence requires constant attention and responsibility to teach how to think, not what to think. We believe in self-exploration, a child equipped with his/her five senses discovers and explores the realm’s of the most extraordinary and the ultimate goal to human voyage. We tend to teach what we have learned but we commit to learn in our intent to impart. We not only teach, but we relate, we don’t only follow the educational concept of preparing a future for our tiny toddlers, rather we strive rigorously to prepare our children for the future. A special atmosphere has been created for a child’s all round development by laying emphasis on the rudiments of growth and the steps taken to ensure the same in our system of active learning…. We believe that our kids as Little Columbians have the edge to conquer and acquire skills for an active life long learning and a healthy development of neurological and intellectual aspects of one’s personality. To foster the over all development of our blooming blossoms we provide a highly active & a nourishing environment accompanied with activities, interactions and opportunities for a multi dimensional growth in a child’s life.
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