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Blue Papillon, Vesu, Surat

icon Behind Jolly Residency Near Jain Derasar Opp. Aagam Arcade, Vesu, Surat, Gujarat
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A few decades ago, a large portion of the early learning years of a child’s life was spent at home. They carried the influence of those crucial years for the rest of their lives. Contemporary research shows that in their early years, children benefit by spending time in a structured environment designed to prepare them for school. It means that the responsibility of forming those early years is now shared between the parents and the educators. This is a responsibility which I take very seriously. After visiting many facilities which offer excellent education, I felt that there was need for a school that offered more. I believe that an educational centre responsible for a child’s very foundation should put the child’s total welfare at the centre of it. It should take into consideration not just their intellectual, emotional, and physical development, but should also inculcate the right values and a positive attitude towards life. Blue Papillon School Vesu Surat Children learn more than just alphabet and rhymes at this stage in life. Their understanding of the world and how they relate to people forms at this age. Since they learn by observing, they need to be given a world which is compassionate and understanding, caring and supportive, not just to children, but to everyone. The only way to give them such a world is by building it from scratch, based on principles that put these human attributes first. I believe that the first brick of such a world is laid in early education. While we follow a curriculum based on the best pedagogical models, at Blue Papillon, we also follow our own internal high standards in the behaviour, attitude and care that we extend to the children and to each other. Education is not just about learning languages and solving math problems. Education is about making the right choices, being in touch with your own thoughts and feelings, and solving life’s problems with grace, fairness, and equanimity. It is, in essence, about equipping the next generation for a better life

Mrs. Poonam Bhadouria

Principal, Blue Papillon

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