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Madhavbaug Vidhyabhavan, Amroli, Surat

icon New Kosad Road, Amroli, Surat, Gujarat
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Since the inception, the institute has incessantly laboured to become a renowned centre for education. Our goals are as simple as they are far reaching - to offer the best, to reach as many and as high as we can in the fulfillment of our mission; we nurture our students by providing professional, competitive, Industry relevant education and add value. We ensure that our students are adequately equipped to meet the future challenges while catering to the specific requirements. As preceptors, we consider it our foremost duty to send out students who have been groomed in all facets of life and fulfil the target set by us all- of becoming the most responsible and dedicated citizens of the country and the global citizens, as is the demands of the times. Thus, providing holistic development to all students is our aim and mission. “Children have to be educated but they have also to be left to educate themselves”

Mr. Ernest Dimmet

Principal, Madhavbaug Vidhyabhavan

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