Sometimes you have to sit in pitch black to see clearly.

For 20 plus years, I worked in broadcast news, and I loved it, l mean I loved everything about it. The pace, the constant learning, the adrenaline, meeting different people, experiencing something new every day and telling an entire community about it. What was better is that I made a great living and life from it. But after the birth of my second child, and the death of my mother, within a month of each other, I fell into a horrible depression. Grief + postpartum, times five.

I loved my young family, but little else brought me joy. The career that always fed me left me empty. I needed a change, I needed to see the world from a new lens, explore a new way of "creating" in this world. So I decided to take a leap and do something CRAZY. I decided to LET GO and try life outside of my lifelong profession/passion. I began another career of storytelling in the non-profit world. And let me bring you in on a little secret, stepping out into such foreign waters opened so many exciting experiences for me and has made me learn so much about myself and the abundant possibilities there are in this world. And there are abundant possibilities.

Whenever I hear of people changing careers, picking up and moving to a new city, stepping away from work to be more present with their family I always marvel at the courage and hopeful spirit that it takes to make those life changing decisions. Like the pioneers who settled out west or the African Americans who embarked on the great migration north. The new life and legacies that can spring up from stepping into something new has long lasting benefits

If you give yourself permission to let go, change can be just the medicine you need to help see and enjoy the beauty in the world. So if you're thinking of taking that passion or hobby and turning it into a business, leaving corporate to become a creative, getting out of or reducing the daily grind to spend more time with your family, nature, hell even yourself. THEN DO IT! Nothing beats a failure but a try. Be that pioneer, and forge a new life for yourself, create your own happiness. I guarantee you the change will do you good.